Remnants of Mom’s Home

Hope you’ll pause a moment
Glimpse tulips of new birth
Joy to appreciate
The beauty of this earth

Hope that you will notice
Spring birds that gather ‘round
Practice some compassion
With seed upon the ground

Hope you’ll catch a scent
From stove that will entice
Making of a family
One of self-sacrifice

Hope before your dinner
With Spirit in the air
Grateful for the blessing
To be gathered here

Hope when times are tough
Long for a place to be
You’ll say a little prayer
And find me guiding thee

A Rising That Will Be

Something in the air
Within this new morning
Familiar to the soul
Is the first breath of Spring

A touch upon the skin
Warms with hearts delight
Raising Spirits hope
In shift of seasons light

A tune upon the breeze
Carries one along
Stirring inner joy
That of a new birdsong

Encouragement of way
Gifts to soul instill
A rising that will be
A promise He’ll fulfill

One of Resetting

Come morning light
To be of the dawning
Stirring the soul
With Spirit a spawning

Gentle waves flowing
In grace You bestow
Drawing within
Your love to know

One of resetting
The past letting go
Heart of forgiving
Surrender to know

Blessed of being
In this day anew
Journey before us
Of walking with You

Waterfall of Grace

Stream flows in the valley
Way of human be
Drawing to the source
Law of gravity

Higher of the mountains
Heavens way be found
View of wisdom seeing
Spirits voice profound

Ascension of the higher
Human and divine
Jesus of the binding
Vision here we find

When the two of meeting
Treasure we embrace
Joy within the joining
Waterfall of grace

Just Beyond Precious

Just beyond precious
Within heaven’s door
Your gift of partaking
A grace You outpour

Bread of the living
Through body of Son
Fruit of the vine
We become One

A binding so deep
Of Your Presence be
Soul of the human
Tastes divinity

Joy overflowing
Of dwelling within
Through Your love instilled
A new path begin

Word of Lent

Prayer of repeating
Precious word of lent
Flowing into You
Receiving Spirit sent

L be of letting go
E of emptying
N of the needing
T be of trusting

Lent roll off the tongue
Offered up to You
In waves of surrender
Spirit flowing through

Soft be soul of molding
Heart of cleansing be
One breath of combining
Season of beauty

Be Now

Be now my beloved
Let me love you here
For it’s my desire
Accept my gift I share

Free now all the whispers
Of not worthy be
Nothing of the earning
Let me cherish thee

Dwell now in our being
Soaking of the deep
For I love you dearly
Let this truth here seep

Ground now in this knowing
Your soul I adore
Source of freedom living
Let our love outpour

Feast Upon Silence

Feast upon silence
Let the soul prepare
For our time of worship
Of one voice, we share

Into the calming
Bless peace to instill
Thirst of the longing
You will fulfill

Time of the humble
The broken and lost
Seeking Your grace
Your gift without cost

The Word found in silence
To each soul unique
An intimate binding
That man and God seek

Gift of Wisdom

Blessed gift of wisdom
When our view depends
Reflection of our life
Seen through our Gods’ lens

Sorrows of the heart
Hurts we deeply feel
Through them soul is stronger
When through You we heal

Time of our true joy
Gifts that You bestow
When they’re shared in You
Gratitude we know

Unique our path of life
Through guiding Spirit be
One of Your true love
Blessed to wisdom see

Grief’s Light

When grief beset me
Emotions lost control
Direction without compass
Lost here is the soul

Treading path unknown
Perceptions gone askew
With heart of the numbing
Focus out of view

Walking the world’s path
Why is it they can’t see
What’s normal here for them
Isn’t now for me

In your missing presence
Words spoken the air
Desire of the knowing
Do they find your ear?

Oh, Savior walk with me
I know You’ll set things right
Allow a way to find You
And let me grasp Your light