Instilling of Longing

Surrounded in Gray
Of winters adorning
Awaiting the new
Colors of morning

A touching of white
In sprinkling of snow
In rising of light
Of a warming glow

Still water reflecting
The barren trees bones
A pure simpleness
Which the spirit hones

Fruit of the season
In this journey bare
Instilling of longing
Is the gift that you share

The Goose

Hear now geese of honking
Calling to the way
Symbol of the Spirit
Turn now here to pray

Hear now draw attention
Practice vigilance
Keeping of the watch
No ambivalence

Hear now God directing
Quick of taking flight
One above the surface
Drawing to the light

Hear now Spirit moving
One of evidence
Serve as a reminder
Trust God’s providence

A Prayer of Trust

We want something today
Desire of our heart
We turn unto You Lord
A prayer we now impart

We give it unto You
In Your hands let it go
Let soul be prepared
If the answer be no

For You know what’s best
You have a greater view
Let us grow in trust
Love is all You do

Acceptance be our grace
Whatever now may be
For when in heavens home
True answer we will see

Moment of Joy

Moment of light, Gift of insight
One of delight, Precious true

Binding embrace, Showered with grace
Holy this place, Blessed by You

Dwelling of deep, Spirit to seep
Treasure to keep, Soul renew

Presence aware, Fragrance to share
Cling to me near, Through and through

Glimpse that You show, Soul here to know
Where I may go, Be my view

Let’s Realign

Let’s realign
The soul here this day
From current direction
To surrender and pray

Let’s re-shift the focus
Of things that I must do
From my egos thirst
To kingdom of You

Let’s recast the view
Of purpose this day
From selfishness’ tasks
To One of the way

Let’s replace the footsteps
Of path of desire
From hurry to pause
To way of the higher

One of Mornings Rain

Awakening presented
Darkness here to wain
In symphony of soul
One of mornings rain

Gentle is the lyric
Of serenating flow
Surrender to the hymn
Rhythms calling know

Scene of drawing into
Stereo’s embrace
Sound of souls formation
Lost within it’s trace

Vision of consuming
Comforting the sound
Resting into now
Peacefulness abounds

From Heavens Voice

Beloved one oh hear me now
From heavens, home this voice allow

Oh the love surrounding me
Glorious the soul be free

Desire deep to send to You
The message of His Word so true

The beauty of His love so pure
The hope within this life secure

May treasure be of love to share
All wasted time be one of fear

How wonderful the time will be
When we are bound in love of He

Binds Your Embrace

So sweet the song
Of silent morn
From which this earthly
Light is born

So soft the breeze
Of skies movement
From which this daily
Path is sent

So still the breath
Of Spirits way
From which this spark
Draws soul to pray

So deep the love
Of blessed grace
From which this pause
Binds Your embrace

Binding Presence

Let the soul be simple
All baggage cast away
Trust be childlike
Tongue be quick to pray

Spirit of amazement
Seeking natures gift
Colors of abundance
View this day to lift

Heart of the accepting
Of souls encountered blessed
Fragrance of compassion
Love of Lord professed

Being of the moment
Binding presence, know
Humility of grace
Let your Spirit flow

Happiness Depends

Our happiness depends
Not on what our life brings
But upon acceptance
Of all these things

Let me live a life
Of your Presence, be
See in everything
That your surrounding me

When sorrow-ness descends
Cast of the greater view
Knowing when we cry
Our Lord is weeping too

Inward of drawing
Of this world to wean
A prayer of unspoken
Of Presence unseen

Let us live a life
Of acceptance and giving
With a soul of hope
To cherish our living