Be of the Dawning

Night of the restless
So much on the mind
Exhausted from resting
The morning we find

A gaze to horizon
In beauty of glow
A drawing into
Of something to know

God of great glory
Awaiting to send
The way of His Spirit
Let me now depend

Re-center the focus
Of soul to appear
Take me away
To dwelling right here

A drifting to prayer
Inner light spawning
New vision awakes
To be of the dawning

Prayer of the Moonlight

Within the moonlight
Of its soft warming glow
In calm of the night
Peacefulness flows

Arising within
The Spirt to seep
A stirring of soul
A movement so deep

In light of reflection
Of heavens embrace
Connection beyond
A blessing of grace

A moment of fullness
Of God’s binding here
Gratefulness calls
A response of pure prayer