The Best of the Best

How wonderful
Heaven will be
In the perfection
Of ourselves we’ll see

In glimpses of life
It warmed my heart
The ways of love
That you did impart

We shared our moments
Together enjoy
But as the broken
Sin we employed

When in God’s Presence
Soul totally blessed
True self of being
The best of the best

A Moment We Shared

You thought of me
When you found a prayer
Remembering a time
Of Spirit that we shared

You sent it to me
With intention impart
Receiving that thought
And it warmed my heart

Slowly I read it
The words, precious true
A beautiful moment
Connected to you

Through years of our lives
These moments we hold dear
In the binding of three
Through our God that we share

A Window

It’s only a window
That separates us
Let us gaze through
With soul here to trust

Let’s open the window
Let spirit flow through
A drawing we find
Of God loving you

A passage of being
Surrender into
One of accepting
We all do pursue

A realization
An embrace into fall
He was already here
No window at all

Who We Really Are

We’re attached to labels
Something for us to try
Let us give them up
Can’t keep them when we die

Not a man or woman
Rich or no money
Neither black or white
Our true self to be

Of who we think we are
Help us to let it go
Be who you really are
Hidden in Christ to know

As we journey forth
Let us all proclaim
As a child of God
We are all the same

Fishers of Men

As fishermen
They could relate
With tools of the trade
A pole, hook and bait

He called them chosen
On mission did send
A calling to be
Fishers of men

He set the example
The pole as the cross
Nails as the hooks
Bait, His body the cost

To ends of the earth
The Good News proclaim
Through passion of love
Jesus his name

God Searching

I heard there’s a God
Want to see if that’s true
Making a list
Of the things I must do

I read of the spirit
Found silence in church
Saw beauty in nature
Everywhere searched

When I surrendered
What did I see?
In stillness of soul
God searching for me

Through our devotion
In binding we pray
Relationship built
In all of these ways

So I’ll pray with Spirit
In silence of Word
In awe of Your beauty
Let Your voice be heard

Peace of the Morning

Come peace of morning
To enter into
Fading of night
Enter sky blue

Come beauty of morning
In facets of light
Colors of blending
A moving insight

Come stillness of morning
Reflect waters flow
Calming surrender
Soul here to know

Come prayer of morning
In love now to pray
Hear Word of Creator
Preparing the way

Is Stirring

Silence is stirring
Deep in the air
A calling of pausing
To discover what’s here

The inner is stirring
Deep in the heart
A praying to Jesus
A surrender impart

The Word is stirring
Deep in the soul
A gifting receiving
Peace to console

The soul is stirring
Deep in the One
A moving of love
A sharing of Son

A Posture of Lifting

Within the sunrise
In dawning of gifting
One to encourage
A posture of lifting

In night of darkness
In times of despair
Dependence of You
In lifting of prayer

In light of compassion
Through love that You send
With heart of the humble
To lift up a friend

In gifts receiving
Gratefulness raise
Song of rejoicing
Lift up our praise

Eyes to the heaven
Lifting of giving
Ascension of higher
This wisdom of living

Faith Stronger

Worn out and tired
Hope is abating
I needed you
And you were there waiting

Mirrors reflection
Spoken so true
Word that is heard
Is that I love you

Challenge before me
Still to reside
Through valley of darkness
You remain by my side

One step at a time
The way of finding
We will emerge
Faith stronger of binding