Fishers of Men

As fishermen
They could relate
With tools of the trade
A pole, hook and bait

He called them chosen
On mission did send
A calling to be
Fishers of men

He set the example
The pole as the cross
Nails as the hooks
Bait, His body the cost

To ends of the earth
The Good News proclaim
Through passion of love
Jesus his name

7 thoughts on “Fishers of Men”

  1. For you, the daily God-blogging poet, a prayer by Karl Rahner, SJ …

    Eternal God,
    Creator of all men and women, and of all things,
    invisible and visible alike,
    God of all history,
    you who are the Lord and the goal,
    the power and the light of all the activities
    of the human spirit,
    today we bring before you our prayer of intercession
    for all those who have a
    creative contribution to make in this field.
    You love the sort of people who realize their own being
    in what they achieve and produce,
    who discover and express that nature
    which is an image and likeness of your own glory.
    That which your will intends them to be,
    that they can only become with the help of your grace,
    O Father of poets,
    Eternal source of all light, Spirit of all true inspiration!
    It is for this that we entreat you and invoke your
    Holy Spirit upon them.
    Raise up among us women and men endowed
    with creative powers,
    thinkers, poets and artists.
    We have need of them!
    May the Spirit of your Son come upon them in order
    that your name may be praised
    now in this time and throughout all eternity.

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