She Prays

A journey we’re walking
This day we embark
A view of the seeking
When lost in the dark

She prays in the grotto
‘Tween wisdom and light
For all of her children
A gift of insight

She whispers in love
To trust in the One
Our treasure of hope
The gift of her Son

Rest in her comfort
Find solace this day
Let us join in her grace
To pause now to pray

Let us stand tall
With Spirit to seep
We rest in the roots
Of faith growing deep

Sign of Cross Making

Let me pause within
The sign of cross of making
Intentional of prayer
Gift of the partaking

This mind needs some focus
Away from the ego
Your view and direction
Of me letting go

This heart needs some cleaning
From selfishness and sin
Oh Lord, please forgive me
Cleanse temple of within

These shoulders need sharing
Reach out with gift to share
And within Your needy
Help me find You there

Crescent Moon

Gaze unto above
Crescent moon shines clear
But what the eye does see
Isn’t what appears

Just a partial picture
Of the view concealed
For in a future day
The full shape be revealed

The eye can deceive
Not be the source of light
But still a reflection
Providing an insight

A view within the soul
A source of great beauty
A gift of our Creator
One of gravity

Body of revolving
Around its drawing be
Reflection of the light
Same be true of me

Blossoms Return

And so you return
My friend of the Spring
Your blossoms of beauty
With joy that you bring

Another year older
A grander display
Pronouncement of joy
In your humble way

Bursting of praise
Of Creator reflect
Only His purpose
This soul affect

Soon to let go
Of season to be
Encouragement blessed
For all souls to see

What You Think of Me

(from quote by Thomas Merton)

Your idea of me
Is fabricated
With materials borrowed
From others related

What you think of me
Depends totally
Upon what you think
Of yourself, you see?

Perhaps that you create
You’re idea of me
Out of the things
You’d like to cut from thee

Maybe a reflection
What others do construe
Or that it is simply
What you think I think of you

Of Sunday’s Afternoon

Soaking in sun
Of afternoons Sunday
Delaying the thought
Of work on this Monday

Lost in the blue
Of a sky nice and clear
Still are the waves
And fresh is the air

Walkers stroll slowly
Easy they speak
Dogs pal’ing along
No goal to seek

Day of the resting
As God did design
Let’s follow his way
The rest of week find

Prayer of the Simple

Eyes of seeing simple
Shades of color blessed
Blossom of surprise
Beauty is professed

Ears of hearing simple
Attention to attune
A song resonating
Calling to commune

Soul of praying simple
Privilege just to be
Knowing all is grace
Pure serenity

Heart of loving simple
Judgment here to shun
His light shining through
Joy in God’s loved one

Practice of the simple
Allow soul to be free
In heart, mind and body
Let Spirit flow through me

A Blessing Of No Thank You

I thought of my friend
And sent them a card
Got no response back
Found that very hard

Upon a reflection
A change in the view
Where is my heart
Intention not true

Perhaps I was hoping
They’d complement me
Of how thoughtful I was
A great person I be

But if my intention
Was true from the heart
Thinking only of them
No response need impart

So, another thought
To do right here
To bless them in love
With a prayer to share

Morning To Speak

Let’s get together
Of sharing to seek
Topic this day
Of the morning to speak

Let’s gaze at horizon
With souls eye to lift
Dwell in the wonder
Exquisite His gift

A moment of silence
Of spirit to share
Surrender in drawing
Offered unspoken prayer

Binding in beauty
In focus on One
Of light of indwelling
Loves absorbtion

Tell me what do you see
How did God speak to you
A blessing of Grace
Light filtered through you

Friend of Heaven

And now you meet
Your friend of prayer
In joys embrace
Through all the years

The mystery
Becomes so clear
The promise true
In faith we share

And all along
You prayed sincere
Rejoiced as one
And shed some tears

In valley deep
You did appear
Through Spirits way
Their voice you’d hear

Through one love
Our soul endear
In joy we’ll be
Eternal here