Silver The Morning

The heron sets compass
Of way to the east
Soul to awaken
On new light to feast

Winters last breath
Of crest fallen snow
Silver this morning
Is the waters glow

Cast new direction
Unmask the disguise
Our treasure of hope
That we too will rise

Unloading the baggage
Of dust of the earth
Seeking the light
Our way of new birth

Gift of Your Gold Watch

Gold watch for 40 years
Thanks, your friends convey
Like the life you live
You’ve given it away

A symbol of your life
One of integrity
The right way to do things
Done with humility

A task difficult
No glory here this day
Let me hear your voice
Do it anyway

Know what is important
Taking time to care
With heart of compassion
And an open ear

When I just can’t do it
No clear vision see
Let me hold this gift
Let your life speak to me

In the golds reflection
The treasure here to be
Focus of souls binding
In ones blessed by Thee

We see this watches beauty
But soul knows true value
In the way, you’ve lived
Our Christ shared through you

People of Easter

(based upon a quote from Pope John Paul II)

He issued a call
For holiness true
Let Gods light appear
Flow through me and through you

Do not abandon
Yourself to despair
We are people of Easter
Hallelujah we share

In difficult times
Let this be our song
Binding in Word
Through the One we belong

We are people of joy
One of the light
We’ve nothing to fear
Lords’ love shining bright

Hold fast to our faith
Proclamation to cope
God will not disappoint
Through His promise of hope

Prayer of Heart Willing

Trapped within ego
What they did to me
Hurt and frustrated
A bitter heart be

Pausing in prayer
With gaze upon You
As one forgiven
What would you have me do?

Set soul upon mercy
Your sight upon grace
Heart of acceptance
Of humble embrace

I cannot do this
We know this is true
With prayer of heart willing
I’ll walk beside You

Watching The Birds Feed

Flock or solitude
In nourishment of thee
Lost within the beauty
Of these creatures be

Totally dependent
On what God provides
Perhaps they’re unaware
That providence resides

In eyes of nervousness
Of overwhelming fear
To quick to take flight
Assuming dangers near

A smile in the knowledge
That greater mind does show
There is so much more
Than their hearts do know

Deeper in reflection
Of the greater view
That of all these things
Same of us be true

Feeding Of The Birds

A quote I came across
An inspiration here
“Feeding of the birds
Is a form of prayer”

Purpose of intention
A gift in which to share
Attention to God’s creatures
A simple act of care

Way of gratitude
Of their beauty, see
Practice of awareness
In forming of the “we”

Molding of the soul
Exercise of heart
Through the grace of God
Other gifts impart

Into the Morning

Something is calling me
Into the morning
Outside the window
Into the dawning

Into the cool air
Of breath fresh and clean
Under the big sky
A new day be seen

Sounds of surrounding
Birds song serenate
Way of creation
Soul to contemplate

Way we are made
To God closer be
A new light is cast
In drawing to He

Bookends of Heaven

From the depths of all sorrow
To the heights of all joy
The bookends of heaven
Through life we enjoy

One of perspective
Our Lord did give
Through lens of His life
Our challenges live

In time of despair
In Him let us cope
In His resurrection
Our source of all hope

Set mind on things above
And on a new rebirth
Not upon the things
Of this passing earth

In darkness of night
Of prayer to employ
We know through the cross
Our faith is our joy

Good News!

A true celebration
Let soul resonate
The wonders of this day
Of this truth so great

Of the conquering
Of all soul’s greatest fear
Freedom from deaths grip
A joy we all can share

Won through a sacrifice
Of a love so pure
Displayed upon a cross
Our Savior did endure

A prayer for all this day
Love for us to choose
Binding in our Lord
Rejoice in this good news!