Time in No Time

I need time in no time
Right now and right here
Moment of our sharing
Presence be aware

I need space in all space
Dwelling of to be
Emptiness of filling
Blessed light of thee

I need to see to see
Lens within Your view
Let the soul be molded
Wisdom to pursue

I need love of all love
Place of true value
Only one in the One
Needing not but You

All About You

When today is hurting
Cast a greater view
See, it’s not about me
But all about You

When sharing the story
One of great value
Know, it’s not about me
But all about You

When ego is flaring
Of world to pursue
Speak, it’s not about me
But all about You

When decision comes
Of what I should to
Choose, it’s not about me
But all about You

When life’s but a moment
And our time is due
Heaven’s not about me
But all about You

Our Identity

He walked with us
He lived the way
Through Spirit flows
Still here this day

He spoke the Word
One from above
Commandment of
Sacrificial love

He gathers all
The chosen be
He gifts to us
Our identity

Our mission blessed
That we may go
To share His love
For all to know

Eyes of Memorial Day

He sits in the shade
This Memorial Day
Vietnam on his hat
And mustache of gray

He stares in the distance
Somewhere else he resides
In memories stain
He’s still wounded inside

A past moments headline
Of lives that were lost
The price of our freedom
He knows the true cost

This days true meaning
In his eyes found deep
A prayer of thanks offered
Let our gratefulness seep

Prepare Me Now

Prepare me now
This soul of mine
Receiving of
Thy gift Divine

Oh gathered ones
This Sunday blessed
That sing your praise
Of Word professed

Oh soul be cleansed
Lord cast away
All not of You
This Holy day

Let spirit flow
May your light shine
And radiate
One love align

The Joy of Jesus

Jesus shared His wisdom
As heavens envoy
Left with thought to ponder
What is His joy?

As the Father loves me
And so, I love you too
In me you’ll remain
Keep my commandments true

This is my commandment
To love as I love you
To lay down of one’s life
No greater love can do

He has told us this
So, His joy in us be
Let it be complete
Sacrificial love of thee

A Sacred Share

Arise anew
In blessed view
As pink and blue
Is waters hue

Within the flow
The soul to slow
As waves bestow
Your peace to know

In moment still
Of offered will
A need instill
Hope You may fill

A binding here
Of silent prayer
A sacred share
Of light appears

A Passing Smile

They blessed me a smile
An acknowledgement
Intentions connection
A gift of heart sent

A drop in the ocean
One of passing by
A sparkle of light
Met eye to eye

A fragrance surrounded
Quick to dissipate
A warming of heart
It did create

In next soul of meeting
Moved my heart to care
A smile igniting
The one light we share

Clouds Through The Window

Viewing through the window
The clouds rolling along
In this moment be
Together we belong

One that draws above
A greater way to see
In its message strong
Connected all are we

One of heavens view
Wisdom that is graced
Available to all
Covering embraced

One of providence
In journey of the way
Let us flow together
With one voice let us pray

John 20 – Pentecost

On the first days evening
When doors were locked with fear
Jesus came to them
In their midst did appear

He said, “Peace be with you”
Showed hands and his side too
As my Father sent me
My friends, I now send you

Then he breathed upon them
Each His word did hear it
Moved within their soul
Receive the Holy Spirit

Whose sins you forgive
Forgiven are the stains
Whose sins you retain
Still they are retained