Into The City

Into the city
Upon a stroll
Air of the breathing
Freeing the soul

Past pizza joints
Businesses fine
The corner bars
Churches divine

Students with backpacks
Women dressed to a tee
Men with a briefcase
Lost minds do we see

Saints and the sinners
A mixture are we
A perfect plan crafted
When walking with thee

Light and Love

We rest in the garden
Of filtering light
Graced with your love
Flows through this insight

Your love is a gift
That can’t be returned
Cast upon all all
Blessed and not earned

We have only a choice
To ignore or to hide
Blessed are those
Who seek and reside

Let us be aware
Our attention turn to
To cherish this gift
Grateful to You

Deeper We Reside

Of this simple prayer
Awareness to see
Holy is this moment
In Your Presence be

One beyond all time
Filling of all space
Wherever we may be
Sacred is this place

Word is flowing through
Below, beside, above
Encompassing the soul
In Your hands of love

Longing of the two
Deeper we reside
Binding into One
Desire satisfied

Fruit of the Vine

A grace that is blessed
Both blood and wine
What is this gift,
Of the fruit of the vine?

One of life’s’ lessons
Of wisdom to know
That of our sharing
Or of letting go

A celebration
Of earth to above
That of the spreading
Of Your precious love

Be joy or sorrow
Reflection to see
Embrace of love
In serving of thee

Empty, Quiet Moment

The room is empty
But full is the view
Soul of the knowing
The Presence of You

Resting in quiet
Silence is heard
Wisdom is spoken
One of Your Word

The moment is frozen
All here is still
A movement of love
One of Your will

Prepare the journey
Of inner to pray
A gifting of peace
To take on the way

Binding at the Center

The traffic’s loud today
Sky is overcast
Rain is coming down
Bleak is the forecast

The mind too is racing
Feeling overwhelmed
Way too much to do
Let Spirit here descend

Let me find Your silence
Drifting into prayer
In solitudes embrace
Of Presence be aware

Binding at the center
Sacred light appear
Soul and Spirit binding
Let us view from here

A Trigger of Blossom

Let beauty of blossoms
Trigger the start
A memory of you
And the hole in my heart

Love of the missing
One that death stole
A longing for you
Can’t fill the hole

Memories arising
Your Spirit to flow
A warming inside
Love in the glow

Together we be
Your voice rings so clear
Remember, I love you
Know that I’m here

A Mornings Presence

Breathe in the morning
Bask in the light
Soak in the silence
Soul be contrite

Way of the stilling
Letting peace flow
In dawning of love
Our Lord here to know

Will be transparent
Surrender the gift
Gratitude rising
Praise here to lift

Time of resetting
In this moment, be
It’s all that I need
As You surround me

A Different Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day
A different one appears
For it’s the first one
Without you being here

No thought of intention
To buy card and gift
No stop at the store
Or telephone lift

Your hole here is deeper
The wound opens wide
The missing grows bigger
Where you did reside

So I’ll write a letter
Some words of heart to share
What you meant to me
And send through a prayer

One of the soul
Of void of the filling
An intimate sharing
Love of fulfilling

Saturday Morning

It shouldn’t feel any different
But somehow it does to me
The light of Saturday morning
Everything’s brighter I see

Easy the breath of exhaling
Viewing through lens of beauty
Cup of joy overflowing
Way of being, carefree

Even the Earth can’t contain it
Bursting in colors of glee
May those feelings flow deeper
More grateful this soul to be

Focus this soul on light shining
Drawing to prayer humble-ly
Beginning the journey this day
On a path to glorify thee