Spires of Mist

Found in the dawning
In clear virgin air
Between light and water
Awakening here

Spires of mist
Rise in the air
A mystical dance
In form of sweet prayer

Drawn to the light
An offer unto
A witness of calling
Of heavenly view

The light of love
Cast it’s embrace
Joy in the bonding
A blessing of grace

A treasure of capture
Of moments insight
Love in the binding
Of Spirit and light

Attitude Fertile

Eyes open this morning
My attitude seems
Filled with the thoughts
Of left over dreams

Let’s adjust the lens
The soul here to lift
May gratitude flow
As this day is a gift

Your love is offered
You wait patiently
In hopeful desire
Our prayer time to be

So, prepare the soil
Let the soul be still
Of attitude fertile
Surrender the will

Seeds of the sacred
Be grown in the light
May the fruit of your love
Be shared with delight

Beginning of Love

Based upon a quote by Thomas Merton

The beginning of love
Is the will to see
To let those we love
Be themselves perfectly

The resolution
For us not to twist
To fit our own image
Let their being exist

If in loving them
We do not love who they be
But only potential
Of their likeness to me

Then we do not love them
But we love only
That of ourselves
Of reflection to see

Song of the Soul

Deep within our being
Our treasure to be found
The Divine directing
Love within it’s sound

In silence of the soul
A masterpiece is played
One uniquely crafted
Beautifully arrayed

Song of own soul
For our heart to sing
Shining of the light
Piece of kingdom bring

Let us dwell within it
In prayerful time to be
Raising of our song
Singing joyfully

Plant a Seed Today

Sky is overcast
A spirit of dismay
Thought to seek the light
To plant a seed today

A moving of heart
Buy seed for a price
Find soil fertile
Time of sacrifice

Hope for the future
Of new life of seeding
Practice of patience
With care and feeding

Be it a plant
Or relationship new
The Spirit is growing
As light now shines through

Pilgrim Preparing

Today, let us begin
With deep breaths, nice and slow
To settle ourselves
In time to let go

With mindful breathing
Let body and mind know
In quiet becoming
Of a stilling glow

Becoming attentive
Allowing the flow
In Spirits movement
Of gifts to bestow

Within this moment
As one we all pray
Bound in the Spirit
Together this day

Based upon words from the Sacred Pilgrim podcast

I See You

I see you in this flower
And feel your presence clear
A memory is triggered
A moment binding here

One of gift of sharing
In thoughtfulness of heart
Of the many ways
Of love you did impart

One of appreciation
Of beauty, pause to see
In gratitude of blessings
God has gifted thee

One of fragrance sweet
Of humbleness of way
Let me share your spirit
All throughout this day

A Gift of Your Words

Would you bless me
A gift of your words
Of your deepest thoughts
Let your heart be heard

One of true feelings
Your hopes, fears and dreams
Your current emotions
Feel free to scream

I’ll listen completely
No judgement to see
With ear of compassion
In arms of safety

I’ll offer some wisdom
Relationship share
Love in the binding
One of true prayer

In You to Reside

Thirst is softly calling
Of time to set aside
One of silence dwelling
In You to reside

Too busy for that now
Other things to do
Letting hunger linger
Remaining in the view

Let soul dwell within it
Gift of your desire
Allowing it flourish
Rising of the higher

Moment here to cherish
Retreating into prayer
Embrace of desire
One that we both share

Merton’s Keep Me in This Silence

Dear Father, I beg you
To let you keep me
In this sweet silence
A learning to be

Your word of peace
Your word of mercy
Your gentleness
To the world through me

That Your word of peace
May make itself heard
Where not possible
A long time not occurred

For the light itself
Contentment and Spirit
That these be enough
In You, let us share it