Merton’s, For the Time Being

To speak your name, “Father”
As “Son”, just to be
In the Spirit and Light
Of this simple beauty

To be here in silence
Of Sonship in my heart
Is to be a center
Right here, is my part

Of full awareness
In which all in my view
Converge upon
Our being in You

That is surely enough
In this moment of seeing
All Presence in You
For the time being

Merton’s, You Ask of Me

Here, You ask of me
Nothing to pretend
Just to be content
As Child and Your Friend

Which just simply means
Accept friendship as one
Friendship and Fatherhood
Because I am Your son

Find in this friendship
A binding that is true
One of both Son-ship
And that of Spirit too

You have called me here
To be repeatedly
Born within the Spirit
And as your son to be

Born in light and knowledge
In faith and in unknowing
In poverty and praise
In gratitude, heart showing

Merton’s, And Yet I am “Here”

You’ve made us together
You have made us one
One and the many
In binding of Son

You have placed me here
A witness in the midst
As awareness and joy
In this moment exist

Here I am, in me
The world is present, true
Soul can clearly see
You are present too

Connected, I’m a link
Binding this insight
One within the chain
Of presence and of light

For you have made me
A center of some kind
But of this center
That of nowhere find

And still, yet I am “here”
“Here”, now let us say
Right under these trees
Not others here this day


The Contemplative Writer

Sunday, May 20 was the beginning of the season of Pentecost. Here is Thomas Merton’s prayer for the Vigil of Pentecost. It’s long but worth reading and praying in its entirety.


Today, Father, this blue sky lauds you. The delicate green and orange flowers of the tulip poplar tree praise you. The distant blue hills praise you together with the sweet-smelling air that is full of brilliant light. The bickering flycatchers praise you together with the lowing cattle and the quails that whistle over there. I too, Father, praise you, with all these my brothers, and they all give voice to my own heart and to my own silence. We are all one silence and a diversity of voices.

You have made us together, you have made us one and many, you have placed me here in the midst as witness, as awareness, and as joy. Here I am…

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Merton’s, One Silence

Here today, dear Father
This blue-sky lauds You
Green and orange flowers
Of poplar, praise You too

Blue hills in the distant
Join with praise, ignite
With sweet-smelling air
Full of brilliant light

Bickering flycatchers
Praise with cattle lowing
Quails of whistle sweet
Together all are flowing

I too, Father praise you
With all, in alliance
Give voice to my own heart
And to my own silence

We are all one silence
And in this moment, see
A beauty of uniqueness
Voice of diversity


I just want to pause and thank all of you for your wonderful posts. You never know how God is using you and how your words may allow the Spirit to flow through you in a wonderful way. This happens to me more often than one may think. So just using one example: The Contemplative Writer made a post on May 22nd citing a quote from Thomas Merton that “stuck” with me.


Over the next few days, I’ll share the poems which flowed out of this quote.

God Bless, Daryl


Praying in our place
One of unknown known
Binding intimate
Unseen here is shown

Drifting into being
One of no control
Exercise of inner
Growing of the soul

Language of no tongue
Word is spoken clear
Wisdom of consuming
Heaven to appear

Place of finding place
A greater story told
Gift to carry forth
Of your way to unfold

Within Heaven’s View

Each moment’s a poem
One of beauty
When viewing through soul
With You just to be

Attuning the senses
Let go of control
Breathing all in
Feeding the soul

Gift of the now
Receiving, accepting
Perfect right here
Of grateful connecting

All is complete
Aligned with you
Each plays a part
Within heavens view

Light Anew

A chance encountered
Of the written word
Inner of drawing
Something is stirred

A new perspective
One of known true
Unveiling a treasure
Of facet of You

A guiding of soul
Of way to above
Setting the course
In sharing of love

A gift of the Spirit
Let this soul cling to
A treasure to cherish
Of light birthed anew

Window Clear

Pause of preparation
Before our time to pray
Let expectations flee
Let you lead the way

Soul to be just present
One of fully here
For you are excited
To bless your gifts prepared

Grateful of accepting
One of spirit flowing
Love instilled in soul
Not fully of the knowing

Practice of the way
Focus not of me
Just a window clear
Shining light of thee