Wings of the Light

Bless me a capture
This beautiful sight
Upon mornings water
Flashed wings of the light

A grace of touching
This moment be here
Spreading it’s wings
And then disappeared

Thousands of diamonds
Cast way to the one
Soul be transfixed
In this drawing begun

Spirit to savor
The soul here be fed
In flashes of love
May your light be spread

In way of the journey
Inspiration divine
To spread out our wings
Of Your light to shine

Receiving the Morning

Oh, beautiful morning
Birth of new day
A gift here is offered
Reaction, which way?

Perhaps to ignore it
My tasks to pursue
To start fighting traffic
There’s so much to do

With mind of study
I’ll figure it out
With way of science
What it’s all about

Here to receive it
To be fully here
Through wisdoms reflection
Binding in prayer

Gifts Are Prepared

In Presence of silence
The gifts are prepared
A great celebration
Of Word to be shared

Patiently waiting
In time of to be
Now the beginning
Of wonders to be

Simple the gifts
Of bread and wine
Mixture of human
And Spirit divine

Gracious the blessing
Of Your great mercy
The Word consuming
As You transform me

Forever to Be Shared

My child, how I love you
Far beyond today
One of the eternal
More than words can say

In this moment blessed
Of captured vision see
Perhaps one day return
Of binding memory

In this way to find me
In spark of mornings light
Upon a crest of wave
Flow in soul’s delight

Know you’ll find me waiting
Of home to be prepared
In precious light of heaven
Forever to be shared

Will My Soul Pause

The morning will sing
It’s song of peace
Will my soul pause
My hurry to cease

The sun will rise
With lights mystery
Will my soul pause
Your colors to see

Our Jesus will love
With gifts to bestow
Will my soul pause
In prayer, him to know

A plan is prepared
Of the holy way
Will my soul pause
Grateful, this day

Accept them or not
God will bless them, still
For heaven awaits
Through the gift of our will

The Color of Reflection

Something upon water
The way that the light shines
The color of reflection
Moves this soul of mine

One beyond the spectrum
Familiar offering
In silence of stirring
The Spirits authoring

Drawing of the deeper
A whisper of sweet prayer
Humbleness of moment
Surrender to You here

Carry soul now into
A gift of peace this day
To shine as Your reflection
And flow within Your way

Two Tears, One Love

Two tears on two cheeks
Roll down on the face
Flow in sorrows joy
Blend in one embrace

Known in loves goodbye
Love our parting gift
Into Fathers hands
Hope of souls to lift

One goes in beyond
Of unknown treasure, true
Heavens gift of grace
Be granted unto you

One stays in between
The journey not yet through
In prayer, be the connection
The love of heavens view