Practicing Peace

Peace has come to mean
Time when there’s no fighting
Let us turn to Jesus
A flame of soul igniting

In Hebrew, word Shalom
Fullness, is decreed
Wholly and happily
Having all you need

For Jesus, peace it seems
Not the absence of
Conflict and of struggle
But presence of His love

Let us live this meaning
A practice of to be
These words of repeating
Peace be here in me

You are all I need
Nothing now to fear
In You we’re complete
Right now and right here


Word within the scripture
Paraclete is seen
Left with thought to ponder
What does this word mean?

Translations of the many
Comforter, consoler
Advocate, defender,
Helper or counselor

One that I like best
Easy to apply
Connection of compassion
“One who answers the cry”

One that defends
Protects a person, weak
Of whom we’re all in need
The Paraclete, let’s seek

A Finding

Today I’m out of sorts
Missing the connection
I pray this worship time
Be of a resurrection

Worldly on the mind
Prayer for soul to try
Intention be sincere
Though the tongue be dry

Lost within the way
Time of desert be
Wandering around
Still you walk with me

Compass be of trust
Thread of faith to cling
For the light will shine
A finding You will bring

A Moment of Pause

In time of worship
A silent retreat
A moment of pause
Is blessed to us sweet

One of souls soaking
Of wisdom to show
Of nourishment filled
Time later to know

In our decisions
Return of this time
Before egos reaction
Of ponder sublime

When anger arises
Return to the soul
Of peace’s stilling moment
To give You control

Time blessed to others
One of open ear
To listen intently
These moments to share

A Bunnies Sign

Was blessed to greet this day
A soul of many years
With bag of craft supplies
Days purpose that she shared

One to make a sign
For her bunnies, sweet
Announcement of the two
When her neighbors, meet

She told me of their story
Of barn that they came from
We wondered what they’d do
When time of winter comes

Joy with her heart
Food and love of sharing
Her piece of kingdom built
Of God’s creatures caring

A blessing that she shared
Of simple joy, this day
May my witness be
The same for souls this day

Somethings in The Air

In this stilling silence
Somethings in the air
Soul to draw attention
Its focus be of prayer

Crisp and cool and pure
Drawing of the deep
Taste of the familiar
Gift of Spirit, seep

One of comfort being
Permeate the cell
Adrift unto the center
Inner light to swell

Quenching of desire
Love is spoken clear
The something is of You
In Your Presence here

How, When

How wonderful, when
The blessed bless
A witness to
Their thanks professed

How moving, when
The inspired inspire
A flowing of
Their souls desire

How comforting, when
The prayerful pray
A living of
Their trusting way

How powerful, when
The forgiven forgive
A humble grace
Their way to live

How beautiful, when
The beloved love
A sharing of
Their light above

Stairs of Ascension

Sculpture of the morning
Clouds formation, nice
Spirit of attention
Reflection drawing twice

Colors royal purple
Highlights, joy of pink
Divinity of calling
Drew the soul to think

Movement in the silence
Whisper new dimension
Found in the formation
Stairs of the ascension

Journey unto heaven
Mission becomes clear
Love of the eternal
Can be lived right here

Ephesians Prologue

In Him we were chosen
With purpose to fulfill
All in one accord
Of intention of His will

That we might exist
For the praise of His glory
We who hoped in Christ
The sharing of His story

Who’ve heard the Word of truth
The gospel of salvation
Believed in Him were sealed
With Spirit’s proclamation

Which is the first installment
Our inheritance to be
Redeemed as God’s possession
To praise of His glory

Way of the Butterfly

Within the light of morning
Something is calling me
To dwell within its silence
To sit and just to be

Grateful for the moment
Blessing way of ease
Drawing souls’ attention
To gift upon the breeze

To drift the way of butterfly
In garden of retreat
Follow way of spirits breath
Feast on nectar sweet

Connection to the world
In pausing, just to rest
Basking wings within the light
Grateful for day blessed