A Filling

Your gift is offered
Of blood and body
Grant me the grace
To accept them fully

Fill me with Presence
Fill with mercy
Fill with forgiveness
Fill with beauty

Fill me with stillness
Fill with Your will
Fill me with strength
Fill hope to instill

Fill me with peace
Fill with desire
Fill me with faith
Fill with Spirits fire

Fill me with love
Fill with Word true
Fill with transformation
Fill me with You

State of Precious Grace

Please, carry soul into
Being of our space
Taste of Heavens’ home
A state of precious grace

Refuge of retreat
Where love illuminates
Place of the beyond
No ego dominates

One of Presence known
Where all is connected
Transformed in dwelling
Soul deeply affected

Proceed upon the way
Wrap package of “to go”
With fragrance of binding
Of Your love to flow

The Clean Leper

Can we love the leper?
One who’s skin is clean
Lonely and outcast
In society, unseen

Awkward and uncool
Strange personality
Perhaps uncomfortable
With whom not want to be

Suffering and lonely
The ones that Jesus sought
Today with spirits view
Let my soul be taught

View a soul unwanted
With urge to pass them by
Move this soul of mine
To give the Lord a try

Within Spirits binding
A new view to be seen
With grace of Your compassion
To wash this leper clean

Deepness of Yearning

A graced blessed moment
In Presence of here
Another sense
Is found in prayer

One of the soul
Of the great longing
Deepness of yearning
Truth of belonging

Dwelling within
Hunger of filling
Peace of connection
In silence of stilling

Soul of arising
Of being profound
Taste of eternal
Of nourishment found

Binding in Brokenness

One thing we know for sure
Broken all are we
Thou our sins are many
Forgiveness found in Thee

In You we are made whole
This truth to concede
If we all were perfect
No God would we need

When judgment arises
Acceptance be spoken
Give them the grace
Allowed to be broken

Help them just to be
One in Christ of finding
When brokenness is shared
Joy found in the binding

Being of Letting

To set aside time
Cleaning the slate
A beautiful gift
Just to contemplate

Room full of silence
Your light to be shown
In being of letting
The Spirit be known

A basking into
Of focus to shift
Within Your Presence
And set soul adrift

One of receiving
Soul of restoring
Gifts of outpouring
To practice adoring

Filling of Presence
Us, simply to be
Love multiplying
Let it flow through me

Which Our Soul Craves

A weekends afternoon
In humidity’s wall
Just to sit and rest
In Your arms to fall

Honesty be spoken
The heart of what I feel
Words flow in a quiet prayer
That our God is real

Comfort in consuming
Now without a care
Being of together
Rest of binding share

Tranquil is the moment
Reflection comes in waves
Practicing of trust
Of that which our soul craves

Bless Your Protection

Oh Lord please stand guard
Upon our entry door
Blessing Your protection
All evil to abhor

Send Your angels strong
Temptations cast away
Build a fortress inner
Strengthened when we pray

The enemies attacking
So difficult to cope
Trust within Your promise
We turn to You, our hope

Power of Your goodness
In You, our only choice
When the battle passes
Let our souls rejoice!

A Posture of Prayer

A moment of pause
Acknowledgement here
One of Your Presence
A posture of prayer

Two come together
Creating a space
In meeting of hands
Dependent on grace

Bless now a stillness
Attention turn to
In time of the soul
Of the inner view

A moving intention
Trust the Spirits flow
Bless connection divine
For the soul to know

Great Healer

Oh, my great healer
I turn unto thee
My hope and salvation
Through my misery

A test through the fire
Past trial and toil
Bless Your living water
To nourish the soil

Tend to my soul
May Your light be shown
Let You carry the yolk
With Your precious love known

Wisdom of view
Of moment to see
We are the chosen
Of eternity