What Can I Pray for You?

You sought the connection
One of the greater view
Offering intention
What can I pray for you?

A pause within my heart
Of thought to brush away
Not to burden you
Of nothing that I say

Let me take that back
Of treasure passing by
May I share my needs
Let the soul reply

With my deepest struggles
Or souls placed in my way
When my requests are shared
From what can you I pray?

When we meet again
Great binding there will be
To share what God has done
Rejoice in His glory

In My Mothers Hands

Fingers, old and wrinkled
In my view, great beauty
For in my Mothers hands
A flow of memories

The first hands to hold me
One of love to show
Hands of soft caressing
Comfort that I know

Two hands of protection
As we crossed the street
Hands of the embracing
Of friend that we did meet

Hands of food preparing
Nourishment entice
Hands of planting, cleaning
One of sacrifice

Hands of wisdom finding
In time of letting go
Hands of embrace returning
True love to bestow

Reflection of the heart
As instruments of love
I still rely upon them
Of praying from above

Colors of the Sky

Pause to think about
Of feelings to impart
How colors of the sky
Flow into the heart

Wake up into morning
Find a sky of gray
Feeling disappointed
Downcast here this day

Looking to above
Into sky of blue
Happiness descends
Optimistic view

Sunrise or sunset
Colors set ablaze
Turn into the painter
Wonders to amaze

Let us add a filter
Through God into prayer
Listening with soul
His way spoken clear

Contemplative Being

You are present, You are present
You are present, everywhere
You are present, You are present
You are present, with me here

You are seeking, You are seeking
You are seeking, I’m aware
You are seeking, You are seeking
You are seeking, find me here

You are loving, You are loving
You are loving, my soul dear
You are loving, You are loving
You are loving, in me here

We are being, we are being
We are being, binding share
We are being, we are being
We are being, dwelling here

You are present, You are present
You are present, light to bear
You are present, You are present
You are present, through me here

One of the One

I find in this moment
Your Presence true
Joy in our being
Encompassed in You

The One who has saved me
Who forgives my sin
The One who has chosen
Who dwells within

The One who has blessed me
Who walks by my side
The One who created
Who always provides

The One who is thirsting
Who seeks all in love
The One who bestows
Our purpose above

The One of the Spirit
Who sent us His Son
The One of the drawing
To be one of the One

That Fills the Soul

How beautiful
Your unseen light
That fills the soul
A radiant white

To Spirits way
Now dissipate
That stirs the soul
To contemplate

External taste
All time to cease
That comforts soul
With Presences’ peace

Abundant grace
Flows from above
That moves the soul
To share Your love

A Gift from Above

He shared his story
Of state of oppression
Finding himself
In lonely depression

A friend by his side
With gift to bestow
A portrait of vision
Of Mary to know

Through prayer of devotion
Found His Word of love
A blessing instilled
A gift from above

His rock of foundation
Of truth that is known
Though still can be lonely
He’s never alone

Now he paints a vision
Through gift of divine
One to be blessed
All in God’s time


It is important
We keep track, you and I
The stories of our life
Lessons to apply

Who we’ve met on our way
And where we come from
Of who we are
And who we’ve become

Because it’s precisely
Through these stories
In all of their

God makes himself know
To each of us, see
Most powerfully
And personally

(based upon words from Frederick Buechner)

God Sends

God sends us the rain
God sends us the sun
And we soak it up
Let His will be done

He sends us prophets
He sends lepers too
And we grow in love binding
Let us connect through Him true

He sends us the storm
He sends calming sea
And on our journey
Let us turn unto thee

He sends us the sunrise
He sends us sunset
And in sharing our gifts
Let there be no regrets

He sends us free will
He sends us His love
And we make our choices
Let them be of above

The Presence of Love

In grace, abundant
Of simple hearts prayer
Presence of God
Please find me here

A drawing of calling
Of focus above
State of the soul
The Presence of love

A beautiful light
Insight revealing
Gift of acceptance
Peace is the feeling

Within this moment
Of heaven’s taste know
In our God eternal
Let His perfect love flow