Our Real Humanity

Speak not of, the shameful door
Of vulnerability
Lock it tight, no mind to
And toss away the key

Still we find it calling
Welling up inside
Covering with makeup
Festering resides

Friend, beloved comes to me
With burdens that they bear
Opening their inner door
Trusting that they share

How beautiful of binding
To let the light shine through
Through power of humility
I hand my key to you

Realness of life’s moments
Allows the soul to see
Sharing in our wounds
Our real humanity

Eleven Simple Words

At time of our passing
Not sure what to say
Advice to die well
Before we go on our way

Eleven simple words
“I forgive you”
“Please forgive me”
Next is, “Thank You!”

And the most important
Words for us to say
Is that, “I love you”
And bow our heads to pray

As we think about it
Why should we wait that long?
Words to share each day
A practice of lifelong
Based upon thoughts by Ira Bylock

Where the Heron Feeds

When world’s overwhelming
Despair, my heart concedes
Let the way carry me
To where the heron feeds

One within still water
Yet, comfort flows in waves
On bank of the beyond
Feeding what soul craves

Basked in blessed light
Within the Spirits view
Silence is Word spoken
Love its message true

And when the Spirit’s breath
Gives rise to rested wings
With navigation set
Of way, your wisdom brings

Inspired by

Friend in Silence

Bless me a friend
So trusting to see
That we can rest in
Just silence to be

No word of filling
In an unspoken prayer
Through language of soul
Of solitude share

Perhaps in a sunset
Mountains majesty
Under starlight
Or waves of the sea

Spirits connection
Through chord of the three
A beautiful moment
Of intimacy

Refuge of Grace

Thoughts all a jumble
Of consuming fear
So many issues
The feeling, despair

Find me some silence
In simple prayer
Practicing Presence
Of being right here

Focus of moment
Of Word here to pray
Package all else
Let it drift away

A simple connection
Of the souls embrace
You’re all that I need
My refuge of grace

Still Be The Water

Sweet is the silence
A beautiful psalm
So still be the water
Of surface so calm

A simple reflection
One of the deep
Into the soul
Let this moment seep

A moving into
Contemplative prayer
A drawing of being
Of your presence here

In language of soul
Of simply to be
One within all
Through the love of thee

A Perfect Picture

Through miles of many
A sunrise you see
In colors of beauty
You thought of me

A picture you captured
Though not perfectly
Intentionally sent
Of thought joyfully

To share me a moment
That God did create
Connection of prayer
Of our gratefulness great

Warming my soul
Of us binding right here
Through lens of the Spirit
The view perfectly clear

Praying Her Soul Still

Won’t you rest with me
In sunrise of beauty
She starts rushing around
Just can’t sit and be

Jesus foresaw it
With love his story
Of too much Martha
Not enough of Mary

Life out of balance
No time of Divine
Feeding of soul
Of nourishment fine

An offer, beloved
Desire to fulfill
Oh Spirit descend
To pray her soul still

Intimate Crafting

My child, I know
In birth of the day
The glory of morning
Of time that we pray

And so in this sunrise
I hope you will see
An intimate crafting
Of loving beauty

Do not discount it
Or toss it away
Prepared just for you
A gift here this day

Fully embrace it
Joy in it be
For we know it’s wonder
Share in it with me

The Water Lay

My joy this morning
A time to pray
Tween soul and sun
The water lay

Body of spirit
Calming waves flow
A brilliant reflection
Sets all a glow

Lifting of soul
Word of light shines
Love spoken clear
In sparks of Divine

Still the soul softly
Let nourishment seep
Son, Father and Spirit
Instilled in the deep