Meant to Be

Awake into morning
In pause now to see
Taking me to
Where I’m meant to be

The blessing of dawning
In awe of glory
Marveling in
your wonders beauty

Peace of instilling
In love of embrace
Fully dependent
Upon your sweet grace

Where moment is stilling
In concert with thee
A purpose fulfilling
Of this day’s journey

Stilling the Soul Softly

View before my eyes
One of such beauty
Something of beyond
Here is calling me

Words of wisdom whisper
Slowing into now
Stilling the soul softly
A gift that You endow

Waters of the calming
Letting the light flow
Consumed in absorbing
Connection to bestow

A prayer into being
Flowing past the will
Peace born of creation
A blessing You instill

A Journeys Meaning

In every journey
A meaning is prepared
To the traveler
That they are unaware

One of greater meaning
In wisdom of God’s view
Web of loves connection
A perfect plan construe

Let us turn attention
To the greater way
One in lights reflection
Of His view here today

Of our greater purpose
Trust in what will be
Where love is the binding
Piece of eternity

Based upon a quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer “There is a meaning in every journey that is unknown to the traveler”

Purple and Rose Sunrise

Indigo horizon
With warming glow of rose
From colors infinite
For us this day you choose

A grace to unworthy
Of purples majesty
The royal lineage
You offer unto thee

Spirit of rejoicing
Of pinks color you chose
A blessing of new light
Proclaimers of good news

Store within the soul
This captured offering
Within the dark of day
Arise, this light to bring

One Moment

One minute of prayer
Is all I’ve time for
In Presence of love
With the One I adore

One breath of Spirit
To dwell in the deep
To permeate all
In the soul to keep

One act of loving
To start this day
With desire of more
In living the way

One moment of heaven
Eternity find
Of many more
Be our state of mind

Greatest Celebration

In memories of life
One of invitation
Thinking of what was
Your greatest celebration?

Place of gathering
Beauties decoration
Joy with precious souls
Engaging conversation

Purpose of the joining
United acclamation
Blessings overflow
Time of transformation

Let us bring this way
With hearts exhortation
To worship this Sunday
With souls’ exultation

Set Soul Adrift

Unto horizons water
Of mornings gaze to lift
Into stilling silence
To set the soul adrift

Prayer of will to offer
Of compass guide to You
In moment of alignment
Is all that we can do

Peace of dissipating
Flowing into One
Binding of consuming
To let Your will be done

Burst of sunrise glory
Sets surface all aglow
In colors of rejoicing
Your precious grace, bestow

All Will Be OK

An early memory
When fear has gone astray
A Mothers gentle arms
Speaks all will be OK

Her knowledge born through faith
She taught us to pray
Through providence of God
That all will be OK

In sickness and in strife
Her last words to convey
We trust her soul beyond
That all will be OK

In valleys dark of night
A voice as clear as day
My child, trust I know
That all will be OK

Thanks for Being There

A great celebration
A feast on the menu
With joy blessed by family
For I’ve been there too

All by myself
Alone, feeling blue
A heavy cross’ burden
For I’ve been there too

A day to give thanks
To our Father turn to
We nourish the soul
For I’ve been there too

In joy and sorrows
I am your friend true
The way, eternal
For I am there too

Palette of Autumn

A palette of Autumn
On a sky of pure blue
A psalm of wonder
To soul, shining through

To rest in marvel
Of season to be
Gifts that You offer
A grace of beauty

One of the drawing
Of dwelling within
A stroll of entrance
Communion begin

Be of the moment
Of this day aware
Blessings bestowed
To us everywhere