All Will Be OK

An early memory
When fear has gone astray
A Mothers gentle arms
Speaks all will be OK

Her knowledge born through faith
She taught us to pray
Through providence of God
That all will be OK

In sickness and in strife
Her last words to convey
We trust her soul beyond
That all will be OK

In valleys dark of night
A voice as clear as day
My child, trust I know
That all will be OK


Thanks for Being There

A great celebration
A feast on the menu
With joy blessed by family
For I’ve been there too

All by myself
Alone, feeling blue
A heavy cross’ burden
For I’ve been there too

A day to give thanks
To our Father turn to
We nourish the soul
For I’ve been there too

In joy and sorrows
I am your friend true
The way, eternal
For I am there too

Palette of Autumn

A palette of Autumn
On a sky of pure blue
A psalm of wonder
To soul, shining through

To rest in marvel
Of season to be
Gifts that You offer
A grace of beauty

One of the drawing
Of dwelling within
A stroll of entrance
Communion begin

Be of the moment
Of this day aware
Blessings bestowed
To us everywhere

Bless You My Child

Bless you my child
A voice soft and clear
Wrapped in its fragrance
Of love so aware

How sweet is its sound
May it ring true
Letting it flow
All throughout you

One that’s beloved
Of way seek to find
Blessings bestowed
Leads the life divine

In days path ahead
May heart be aware
Opportunities way
Of blessings to share

All Becomes Clear

When darker are shadows
Much brighter is the light
When things are simple
Somehow feels just right

When dwelling in silence
All becomes clear
When moments are real
Of being right here

When judgments are fleeing
A new way is found
When eyes are seeing
A beauty surrounds

When soul is accepting
A transforming to be
When love is the treasure
Our Jesus we see

Words That Bear Fruit

Let my heart be pure
Of your love, let it be
With words that bear fruit
Flowing out of me

View in another soul
Practice to exercise
One of encouragement
Your gifts to recognize

Through a simple smile
Kindness in our eyes
To listen with the heart
Silence of the wise

Quick to share a blessing
Mercy to outpour
Forgiveness be our way
Binding we adore

For the Word is love
Planted seeds of thee
Found within our prayer
The Lord speaks them to me

Two Souls Blessed

Went to buy a coffee
By man without a care
Standing in the line
The man by me appeared

Would you buy me a cup?
And a sandwich too?
I tried conversation
But he just stared through

He went into the cold
Gone in the dark street
A passing in this time
Two worlds that did meet

Louie is his name
Who chose me here this day
In giving and receiving
Two souls blessed in their way