Breathe me some morning
Of blessing this day
Attune to the Spirit
Of journey of way

Soul of desire
Connection above
Focus of being
Of one with your love

When eye is captured
By toil and sin
Quick be the turning
To prayer of within

Word of our story
Bound in your light
Souls of the way
Of your love, invite


Gifts in the Path of Now

Venturing into
A glimpse of dawning light
Witness here this day
To morning birds first flight

Hello, my little brother
Free of gravity
One above the world
A wish to be with thee

What be of your drawing
Direction cast this day
I send you with a prayer
To bless you on your way

Attention of the turning
Simple of connection
That touch my path of now
Gifts of sweet affection

A Sign Blessed

We all need connection
Of light to shine through
An intimate blessing
A sign blessed through You

One of our choosing
Agreement in kind
Which makes our Lord smile
Through our life, we’ll find

A sparkle on water
A cardinal to see
Honk of a goose
Or flowers beauty

And when we glimpse it
Know that it’s meant
To warm our soul
By His love it’s sent