What If’s

I’m tired of “what ifs”
Or what may go astray
May trust be in you
And let Grace lead the way

Let mind not be consumed
By what they think of me
But only how much
I conform to thee

Of accomplishments
Not how much I do
But how much I share
The love of you

Let me not put off
Of Heaven to appear
When aligned with you
We surely find it here

To Listen Without A Lens

Grant me the grace Oh Lord
Your wisdom to us send
Encounter with a soul
To listen without a lens

Be no paradigm
No judgment to construe
Bless me an open ear
No objective to pursue

Echoing their feelings
Compassion to convey
Granting them the gift
Of what they need to say

A space of comforting
Freedom to reveal
Voice within the deep
What they truly feel

Accepting of what is
Bring it unto to You
Giving You a chance
To cast it in Your view

Just Enough Light

I come before you Lord
On my knees to fall
With a simple prayer
To not want it all

A glimpse to carry me
A step along Your way
Please bless me just enough
Light for me this day

One of nourishment
Of Your daily bread
To focus on the now
Not on what’s ahead

A lamp unto my feet
In arms of Your safety
A shining of Your love
To trust in You fully

What a Grace

Oh, what a grace
To pray in this place
Of dwelling within
All time and space

Oh, what a grace
With my sins I face
Of Your mercy blessed
Through You they’re erased

Oh, what a grace
To depart from the race
To worship with praise
The Spirit, embrace

Oh, what a grace
From world that we chase
In gift of His peace
For heaven awaits

Divinity Dwelling

In silence and sunrise
In still waters flow
A setting of prayer
So easy to know

Bless a breeze softly
Guiding the way
Gentle the drifting
Peace to convey

A warming of heart
In binding to share
Divinity dwelling
In this moment here

A practice of knowing
Awareness to see
Wherever You are
In heaven to be

A Prayer Of

A prayer of deep breathing
Of stilling the soul
In sacred silence
Releasing control

A prayer of awareness
In soul dwelling here
Creator awaiting
With treasures to share

A prayer to acknowledge
You Presence to be
My soul to offer
In need of mercy

A prayer of acceptance
Pure love of beauty
An intimate binding
Soul shining brightly

A prayer of the heart
Of soul to restore
Love overflowing
A sharing outpour

And Now is Here

Patience’s gift
Our soul prepared
Grace bestowed
Through silent prayer

And now is here
Our day of hope
Of wisdom’s view
Beyond our scope

Oh, little One
Before us lay
The humble door
Of holy way

A perfect love
Of one true choice
With angel’s song
Let us rejoice!

We Find What Is

A story told
Of scripture heard
A Savior’s birth
Of the true word

Of prophets tongue
Wisdom foretold
Of God with us
Fulfilled, behold

And still within
This day’s night
A calling of
This holy light

Accepting love
Our soul adore
We find what is
We’re searching for

Word Becomes the Door

When searching for answers
The Way to explore
A binding to open
The Word becomes the door

Friendship is offered
With love that is pure
A drawing within
The Word becomes the door

The Spirit inspired
Gifts shared and more
With lessons of wisdom
The Word becomes the door

In struggles and sin
Forgiveness outpour
With mercy blessed
The Word becomes the door

Before heaven’s gate
A key to secure
By price that’s been paid
The Word becomes the door

Bless Me a Greeting

Let’s not be offended
Can we all agree?
Sharing as one
Our joys you and me

With a Merry Christmas
Rosh Hashanah
Happy Diwali
Or Eid al-Adha

Let us rejoice
In our God so great
However, you honor
Lets all celebrate

You bless me a greeting
In turning above
Let’s pray together
In sharing His love