Orange Turns to Blue

Soft is the horizon
As orange turns to blue
Last star of the night
Continues to shine through

Trees of silhouette
Frame this morning’s view
A whisper of to be
Warms the soul anew

Light of the bestowing
Awakening into
Rebirths inner calling
Drawing soaking through

Night of stilling water
Finds purpose to pursue
Gives rise to Spirit’s mist
An offering to You

Allow Me to Show

Won’t you give me a chance
Allow me to show
How much I adore you
Your soul truly know

Just be aware
Allow eye to see
Blessings abundant
Bestowed unto thee

I’ll send you a sunrise
Birds sing a song
A friend in the way
To side walk along

In conversation
In spirit of word
Love of eternal
My wisdom be heard

Autumns Day is Done

Season is complete
As Autumns day is done
Time of turning page
Winter here begun

Fruit of colors sweet
Of inner beauty shared
Surrendering of all
Emptiness prepared

Gift of nourishment
In silence to surround
Seeking of the light
Fertile is the ground

Fully entering
Souls anticipation
Birthing of new life
Seeds of contemplation

A Living Prayer

A new way of living
A practice to know
Being in the moment
Letting all else go

God is present here
Gifts surround to see
If can’t be happy now
Where else can I be

View a flowing river
As worries come this day
Name them in a boat
Let them drift away

A living prayer
Of being here
My loving God
Each moment share

Training the soul
Of blessings to find
Awareness of all
In sparks of divine

Where Body Can’t Go

In deep of our praying
We come to go
Place of our dwelling
By our letting go

In silence of stilling
We come to hear
A voice of unspoken
That ear cannot hear

In eyes of the closing
A learning to see
A vision of light
That eye cannot see

In soul of perceiving
We come to know
A Word of wisdom
That mind cannot know

In way of believing
We come to go
A being eternal
Where body can’t go

Sounds of Gathering

Into the silence
A shuffle or two
Precious souls drawing
To worship You

Crack of knees bending
Page of Word turns
A clearing of throat
The open heart yearns

A closing of door
A whisper of greeting
Reverence of posture
Beloved of meeting

Sounds of gathering
Fill this empty space
Human and divine
Distractions turn to grace

Advent of Longing

Four weeks set aside
One purpose belonging
With prayer of the heart
Of our great longing

For God will not give
What we don’t desire
We ask for Him here
Await what will transpire

Hope in our soul
With faith trust in thee
Our focus of prayer
One of simplicity

We anticipate
Your will to be done
We long and we thirst
For the gift of Your Son!

How Beautiful

How beautiful
Your light this day
Reflection of
Colors arrayed

How beautiful
Your precious gift
Our daily bread
The soul to lift

How beautiful
Your living Word
Let soul be lead
By Spirit heard

How beautiful
Your blessed grace
Our gift, Your light
Souls to embrace

Suffering United

Wove a crown of thorns
Stuck it on His head
They spit, and they mocked
As His body bled

And in His gaze
Jesus eyes do reveal
In our pain and strife
“I know how you feel”

A beating applied
They led Him off
To be crucified

Though all hope seems lost
From His cross, hear him say
“Please believe me
It’ll be better one day”

Jesus endured
Fathers will to be done
Let our suffering
Be united as one

A Gift of Edelweiss

A time of goodbye
Of their last moments, few
She knew in her heart
Of just what to do

A blessing of gifting
To sing her a song
One of her love
To carry along

When she arrived
In heaven passed to
Imagine her joy
To hear Him sing too

Welcome, beloved
In homeland to be
Blossom of snow, you look
So happy to meet me