Inner Dwelling

Inner dwelling, so compelling
God of wonder, God of light
Spirit flowing, gifts bestowing
Soul of stirring, flame ignite

Song of praising, heart of raising
God of goodness, God of might
Spirit filling, heart be willing
Soul rejoicing, His delight

Be of praying, love conveying
God of mercy, God of night
Spirit binding, seeking finding
Soul forgiving, way contrite

Way of leading, will conceding
God of wisdom, God of sight
Spirit guiding, here residing
Soul of drawing, One unite

Leave the Door Open

Inner room to enter
With posture to adore
Longing soul awaits
Opening the door

Psalm of silence sweet
Calming the soul still
Emptying the space
Hope of Presence fill

A rising so softly
The Spirit to flow
A filling completely
Love here to know

A drifting eternal
Of intimacy
A dwelling of being
Of You filling me

From Inside

Closing of the eyes
In time we set aside
Perspective of new view
Seeing from inside

Attentive to the voice
In quiet to reside
Listening acutely
Hearing from inside

Silence of the tongue
Ego to subside
Flowing from the soul
Speaking from inside

Exercise of heart
One is beautified
In practice of being
Praying from inside

Moon Still Shines Through

Though darkness arises
The moon still shines bright
Announcing the gift
Of the coming light

In brilliance of white
Joy that it brings
Even still water
Ripples and sings

Through unknown of darkness
Its’ message glows through
Reflection of hope
Will come into view

Let us turn east
Our way to employ
With praise let us sing
In hope and true joy

You’ll Always Find Me

My God, our Creator
Of perfect love, be
If I am willing
You’ll always find me

A simple intention
Surrender of will
A prayer of to offer
Of setting soul still

At my beckon call
You always appear
No matter the place
You are everywhere

A realization
Of truth here to see
Finding of dwelling
Because You’re in me

A Practice of Grace

In words of scripture great
Way of Spirit wander
Reflections of our life
Taking time to ponder

In uncertain times
Behold I am the Lords
Be it done unto me
According to thy word

In good times and in bad
Let my soul glorify
Our Lord of precious love
Through Him be magnified

When friend ask for advice
The Lord let us pursue
With these simple words
Do what He tells you

To trust in you fully
A practice to embrace
Friend of the word true
To grow within His grace

Still Water Still

View captures view
Still water still
Sky empty sky
Fill silence fill

Light shining light
Go letting go
In dwelling in
Know Presence know

Love receive love
Be aware be
Flow Spirit flow
Thee within thee

Share wisdom share
Cease judgment cease
Love sharing love
Peace flowing peace


A finding within
Throughout scriptures told
The holy word blessed
Of one to “behold”

Of time of our pausing
Our God here to see
Receiving his love
In prayer, just to “be”

Our answer of longing
Worries consoled
Binding in dwelling
To cling and to “hold”

Attention to turn
A simple word find
A gift if great wisdom
“Behold” the divine

Dusk of Reflection

Bless me be the water still
With maybe a ripple or two
Peace be of the conveying
Letting the spirit flowing through

Surround me in dusk descending
Relinquishing all of control
Easy the thought of releasing
Dwelling in time of the soul

Tranquil the pause of reflection
Grateful for graces this day
Joys and our sorrows of mixing
Sending our fears on their way

Binding now in Your protection
A closing here into Your view
A prayer offered into the darkness
With hope of light rising into

Mother Theresa, “I Listen”

A story is told
Of an interview
With Mother Theresa
A way of her view

What are the words
That you use to pray?
She said, “I listen”
Is what “I say”

Another question posed
Then what does God say
She replied “He listens”
And we go on that way

We pray with longing
Desire that we share
He responds with love
The Word is what we hear

A silent transformation
Of being we await
A binding intimate
Of way to contemplate