Psalm 86

Lord you are forgiving
All good through and through
Abounding in Your love
To all who call to You

Hear my prayer oh Lord
My cry for mercy
In distress I call
Because You answer me

Teach me Your ways, oh Lord
Your faithfulness, proclaim
With undivided heart
Trusting in Your name

I praise You, Lord my God
Heart be magnified
Forever let me say
Your name be glorified

For Your love is great
Steadfast love for me
My soul you’ve delivered
In Your eternity

One thought on “Psalm 86”

  1. Hi……since I enjoy your writings so much I have nominated you for the Liebster award. You can click on my blog with all the details……if you choose to not do that is ok because it is all about lifting one another up! Your poems are GOD-Breathed and so I thought of you. And I would hope that others would see that as well! Blessings on you! Let me know if you decide to participate because I would love to read your responses!

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