My Judgment Cast

Met a man today
Placed him in a bin
Through my judgment cast
Convicted him of sin

Hard now be my gaze
Cold within my heart
Take away his joy
Let him be set apart

A voice within my soul
Word of Spirit true
Rise now pharisee
A hypocrite of view

For so as you judge
So, will you be to
The measure which you measure
Be measured out to you

Falling to my knees
A sinner turns above
Let my heart be as Yours
Filled with only love

3 thoughts on “My Judgment Cast”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Once I saw a docu about a terrible rapist and murderer, Son Li. I realised upon reflection that whatever sentence I wished for another would become my own. So pray only for good; especially for those who are lkely to have literally ‘no-one’ on earth to pity and pray for them. “Forgive our sins as we forgive those…” Be the sole intercesor for a person if necessary but do not turn from a person in dire need of prayer or help. All belong to God. Let’s return them to Him and ourselves alongside too- with our prayers and tears

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  2. Daryl do you see in the spiritual realm ? I see peoples hearts, whether they are alive in Christ Jesus or not, whether they are serving Elohim or their own business, I have a number of world known men pursuing and persecuting my life and dumbing down my vision to their will and ideas, I believe you agree with them, the man is so sold out to satan that his spirit manifests as a demon, there is nothing left of him and people want me to honour this man ??? If he is not the Antichrist with a capital A then he certainly is an antichrist spirit to me … did you know I have been homeless without money for 3 and a half years because of this man ??? wanting me to bless him, he has undiscerning people to do that, he does not need my approval … if he does then he is in idolatry …


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