My Judgment Cast

Met a man today
Placed him in a bin
Through my judgment cast
Convicted him of sin

Hard now be my gaze
Cold within my heart
Take away his joy
Let him be set apart

A voice within my soul
Word of Spirit true
Rise now pharisee
A hypocrite of view

For so as you judge
So, will you be to
The measure which you measure
Be measured out to you

Falling to my knees
A sinner turns above
Let my heart be as Yours
Filled with only love

A Ripple in the Way

Gaze into still water
A stirring here this day
Draws attention to
A ripple in the way

Friend deep of the needing
An offering to pray
Compassion flows in love
A ripple in the way

Overwhelmed in darkness
A light to display
Humble act of kindness
A ripple in the way

When I hear You calling
Let my will obey
Oh Lord may my life be
A ripple of Your way

I’ll Always Find You Here

I saw you in the light today
Through the winter chill
Warming glow of love
In peace of silence still

I bound with you in tears today
And you cried with me too
Comfort in your arms
Together we’ll get through

I heard you in the birds today
A happiness it brings
That lifted up my spirit
In joy of simple things

I felt you in my heart today
In rise of empathy
Helping of the suffering
With generosity

I glimpsed you in their way today
In act of kindness true
One of selflessness
Taught by love of you

I knew you in my soul today
In an unspoken prayer
In ways of the beyond
I’ll always find you here

Deep of the Needing

Deep of the needing
Of Your gift’s unseen
Prayer of the letting
To drift in between

Soul here to offer
Surrender the will
Grace of the seeking
Your Presence to fill

Beyond of the knowing
Of wisdom profound
Restoring the soul
Upon Holy ground

Dwelling within
Your Presence of being
Letting love flow
Needing is freeing

Fill the Jars

Fill the jars with water
Do what He says to
Let this servant go
To serve His purpose true

Humbly fulfilling
An offering to Him
Joy within the heart
Filling to the brim

No need of understanding
Or complaint in our way
Trusting in the message
In serving Him this day

Through trust in our actions
As water turns to wine
Simple acts of service
Become the way divine

Now You Know

So many prayers offered
No answer was found
Still your soul trusted
In hope that’s profound

Questions of your life
Of me wondered here
Just too intimate
That I failed to share

In pain and suffering
A question of why?
Still forging onwards
Faith you still apply

Last days in reflection
Perhaps just failure, see
Trust in letting go
To fall in arms of thee

Now within the light
Clear, His vision, show
In His wisdom, clear
A perfect plan you know

Psalm 86

Lord you are forgiving
All good through and through
Abounding in Your love
To all who call to You

Hear my prayer oh Lord
My cry for mercy
In distress I call
Because You answer me

Teach me Your ways, oh Lord
Your faithfulness, proclaim
With undivided heart
Trusting in Your name

I praise You, Lord my God
Heart be magnified
Forever let me say
Your name be glorified

For Your love is great
Steadfast love for me
My soul you’ve delivered
In Your eternity

Beautiful Blue

A pause into stillness
A gaze in the view
Just above horizon
Such a beautiful blue

Simple emptying
Above falling into
Spirit drifts along
With a cloud or two

One that calms the soul
Connection to the deep
Prayer of easy being
Comfort here to seep

Message which to carry
With humble look above
Providence of cover
One of precious love

A Filling Be

This space is filled
With precious light
Let joy arise
In souls’ delight

As grace reigns down
A moving still
Spirit surrounds

Absorbed within
The body One
In presence
Our Gods own Son

Surrender now
His love to know
A filling be
To overflow

Drawn to This Place

He sits in the back
Head bowed in prayer
Warming the heart
Attention drawn here

A man of no home
Is drawn to this place
Jesus is here
A blessing of grace

Decision before me
What will I do?
Uncomfortable feeling
Encounter pursue

Just want to fix him
Its bigger than me
A word and a coin
For this days journey

A whispers response
A simple “thank you”
Of humbleness deep
Here changes my view