Guide Me Willingly

Patient is our God, blessing His mercy
Forgiving of us all, He rescues joyfully

And it’s only me, that’s keeping me
Releasing chains, forgivingly

Eternal is our God, salvation is for free
Of death be no fear, sacrificially

And it’s only me, that’s keeping me
From living life, so peacefully

Perfect is God’s love, shared abundantly
Every soul adored, for He loves fully

And it’s only me, that’s keeping me
From loving, everyone I see

Help me Lord, only through thee
Your Spirit guide, me, willingly

A Willful Transition

Forty million minutes
Come down to a few
Our moments of life
That we will cling to

Ones with another
Of love that we shared
In joy or sorrow
That You had prepared

Or flash of the light
Inspiration shone through
Where soul clearly saw
The glory of You

Treasures of soul
Make it easy to see
A willful transition
To eternity

Into You

On darkest days
Alone feeling blue
Turning to Savior
We fall into you

In beauty of dawning
And easy turn to
One with Creator
We melt into you

In souls of the lonely
A turn of our view
Heart of connection
We run into you

Your path to follow
Your wisdom pursue
Soul of the molding
We turn into You

Sky Meets Earth

Where sky meets the earth
Horizon we see
Seems so far away
But another way be

For it’s an illusion
For the world is round
The sky touches here
In air that surrounds

We breathe it in
Through us it flows
Within and without
A truth here to know

Same is of heaven
It’s not of above
It flows through us
When soul breathes His love

Out-flowing or In Sucking

Two different attitudes
That we each can bring
One of the out-flowing
The other “in-sucking”

Love is an attitude
Patient and is kind
With spirit generous
Out-flowing of divine

Or be critical
Setting my boundary
Defensive out of fear
“In sucking”, about me

Let us each live in
A constant state of love
Intention to do well
A heart of God above

Human and Creation

The sunrise bursts in glory
A beautiful display
Let our soul reflect
Your joy throughout this day

Forms of weather, many
Sometimes is severe
As children of your hope
Let us persevere

As all rivers flow
Their gift unto the Sea
Let all our blessings flow
In love of serving thee

In dusk of descending
Sins go in Your mercy
Let us each forgive
All others and of me

A song within the stars
In darkness, way to cope
Let our being shine
To you, our one true hope

Through the gift of Spirit
Surrender of our will
Let all of creation serve
His purpose to fulfill

A Place of Unity

Descending from above
From the left or right
Arising from within
Just beyond our sight

A vision of beauty
A sparkle of light
Written Words wisdom
A whisper of insight

But always of the soul
One of connection be
Where love is the binding
A place of unity

Blessings flow around us
Calling us into
The time of moment still
Of union within You

Thoughts From Gregory of Nyssa (and more)

Our Lord tells us to pray
Only for this day
Tomorrow worry not
Or of yesterday

It is as if
He were to say
He who rose the sun
Gives what you need this day

He it is who
Scatters darkness away
Reveals to you the light
With suns golden rays

Attention turn to
With will to obey
A lamp unto your feet
In guiding of the way

Let Heaven Flow

I’ve been apprehensive
Tentative, you know
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Fearfulness defines me
Time to let that go
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Lukewarm is my faith
Oh Spirit, let it grow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Stingy is my love
Through heart overflow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Little is my praise
Stoke the fires glow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Let’s Go a Drifting

Burdens upon me
Stress in the way
Lay down the baggage
Here, now let us pray

Into Your Presence
Soul of the lifting
Within Your freedom
Let’s go a drifting

Light as the light
Wisp of a breeze
Spirit is guiding
Soul set at ease

Where love is abiding
In Your embrace
Carried upon
Your wings of grace