Picture of Flowers

In the depth of winter
In barrenness of view
I caught a glimpse of picture
Of color that shown through

Masterpiece of beauty
A wonderful display
A garden of flowers
That seems so, far away

Contrast to the outlook
Of this morn’, cold and gray
Let it warm the soul
And take it now to pray

With vision of capture
Of season to know
The coming of hope
For our Lord to show

2 thoughts on “Picture of Flowers”

  1. I cannot believe how right on this poem was prophetic to me and a confirmation of what happened in my life yesterday. I was thinking that the flowers had not yet bloomed, but when I went outside I began taking pictures of all the early bloomers in my yard. The alyssum were in full bloom, the petunias, there were weeds blooming, and lantanas also. I posted the pictures on my facebook and many people responded to the pictures in agreement that as you say in your poem, “With vision of capture
    Of season to know
    The coming of hope
    For our Lord to show”.

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  2. Thank God for both pictures and memories that can help us recall better times and places than those in which we find ourselves today, and in so doing, help to revive our hope.

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