A Special Soul

We’ve all come across them
A blessing of the way
Such a special soul
That brightened up our day

Sharing of the message
They carry in their heart
Of God within their life
A joy to us impart

Connection of the greater
Of our soul to lift
Our God truly knows
They are to all a gift

Light glows all about them
And flows to us too
I hope that you do know
That special soul is you


Each day growing older
In the mirror to see
A changing of body
How ‘bout internally

Hair getting thinner
Turn from vanity
Letting that go
Towards humility

Ears growing larger
Let wisdom outpour
Encounters this day
To speak less, and hear more

New wrinkles appearing
Please let them grow
Not out of fear
But joy here to know

Conducive to Prayer

Turn off the news
Get out of here
Take me to a place
Conducive to prayer

One of great stillness
With fragrance of peace
Flowing with light
Where worries now cease

Stilling the soul
Peace is the prize
Soaking the light
Our soul exercise

Making the news
From this center be
Perspective of love
Flowing from Thee

A Drawing

A drawing of breath
Of this cool winter air
Refreshing the lungs
Of thought nice and clear

A drawing of deeper
Of movement to prayer
In stilling of soul
Of being right here

In the arms of Spirit
One clearly can see
Through His love eternal
That He is drawing me

With gifts overflowing
An opportunity
As His blessed servant
A drawing heavenly

Picture of Flowers

In the depth of winter
In barrenness of view
I caught a glimpse of picture
Of color that shown through

Masterpiece of beauty
A wonderful display
A garden of flowers
That seems so, far away

Contrast to the outlook
Of this morn’, cold and gray
Let it warm the soul
And take it now to pray

With vision of capture
Of season to know
The coming of hope
For our Lord to show

Translation of Light

A gaze into water
Of shining, so bright
Feeding the soul
Of song through the light

A simple reflection
Known in the deep
A moment of gifting
Of message to keep

A pulse of heartbeat
Of a prayer, sweet
Of Spirits connection
Here, now we meet

Translation of light
Of wisdom to be
Oh Lord, please flow
This treasure through me

Winters Light

Awake into morning
Of soft winters light
Connection to soul
Of brilliance so bright

Something is different
In the way it shines
Of emptiness filling
This heart of mine

In palette of silence
A warming to know
In dusting of diamonds
On a blanket of snow

Empty the branches
Offers intent
Rich are the blessings
Of Spirit that’s sent

A Winters Snow

So softly and gently
Falls a winters snow
From heaven above
To the earth below

Peace is prevailing
His grace to bestow
Mercy is blessed
For each soul to know

Soul come to resting
Of prayer nice and slow
Being of stilling
Let the Spirit flow

Unique are the blessings
That we have to show
Giving, receiving
Of His love to sow

To Set the Captives Free

Let us raise our voice
To sing joyfully
For our Lord came
To set the captives free

Am I a slave?
To worry and fear
Let His peace flow
Through Spirit appear

Am I a slave?
To all of my sin
Let His mercy flow
A healing begin

Am I a slave?
To security
Let me trust in Him
To give generously

Oh Lord, break the chain
Let me truly be free
To be of Your love
And abundantly

To Be Free

My child, beloved
My desire, so great
That you are free
On this contemplate

No shame upon you
Let this day begin
To know my great mercy
To be free of your sin

Security knowing
Death conquered here
Peace of eternal
To be free from fear

Adored with perfection
Light from above
Acceptance completely
To be free to love

Gifts overflowing
Beyond all compare
Joy in bestowing
To be free to share