Radiate and Permeate

Contemplate, contemplate
Word You bestow
Prayer of Your Presence
Letting all go

Radiate, radiate
Inner light glow
Warming the soul
Your love to know

Permeate, permeate
Let Spirit flow
Infuse every cell
Your being to grow

Conjugate, conjugate
A sharing below
Heaven to earth
Your love to sow

Man of Two Coats

Gather ’round my children. A story let me share
A man of two coats. Deciding which to wear

Yes, we think he’s rich. Fortunate is he
But perhaps his story. Will cast some light to thee

Went and bought a mirror. To look at his beauty
Started off his day. Proud thoughts of vanity

This day he wears just one. The other left in fear
He must buy a shed. To lock it safe in there

Air of apprehension. When others, he does see
He can’t help but think. Maybe he’s robbing me

A friend with no coat. His ego stroked with glee
I am so much better. Than his poverty

At night, he couldn’t sleep. With his thoughts of worry
To pay for all of this. He’ll need some more money

A joy within his soul. Of generosity
To give away his coat. Now he’s truly free

Take a Rest

Come now my little one
What is your rush?
Let’s take a rest
Let soul whisper, hush

Set aside burdens
Let us just be
A prayer of the deep
Dwell within me

Warming the soul
Within My light
Know in my love
That you’re my delight

Release now all fear
In simplicity
To go now in peace
And truly be free

Time to Declutter

A season transforming
Let the soul utter
Please bless this journey
A time to declutter

Lens of refocus
Of spiritual way
Priority set
To take time to pray

An honest reflection
Of step to begin
A changing of heart
To turn from my sin

Cast out the junk
Create inner space
Please fill the void
By Your Spirit of Grace

I am

Each mornings dawning
A celebration
Sing with the sunrise
I’m a new creation

Whether I’m loved
Or if I be shunned
Read in His Word
I’m His beloved one

Be rich or poor
Let my heart confess
In treasures of heaven
That I am blessed

Death has no power
Nothing to fear
When in His Presence
Eternally here

Ashes on the Forehead

Ashes on the forehead
Reminder to serve
For we are just dust
Nothing deserved

Let the will return
To the humble way
That all we can do
Is to trust and to pray

Deep in the soul
A spark of the light
Through Word of the Spirit
A flame to ignite

Through grace of God
Our being, adore
Grafted in Christ
Now, we are much more!

What’s Normal?

Question to ponder
What is normalcy
Who defines the boundaries
Our society?

Of intelligence
Or capability
Defining of normal
What do I see?

If outside my boundaries
My judgment, impart
Do I turn away
With a cold heart?

Pause now in prayer
This soul may you cleanse
With a pure heart
Bless a new lens

For You are truth
What’s normal, define
To see through Your eyes
The way of divine

Season is Coming

A season is coming
A spiritual one
Gift of preparing
Let His will be done

To the rising Son
A vision of casting
A season becoming
One that is lasting

Drawing of inner
Let us prepare
A focused attention
Of drawing to prayer

A purposeful turning
To cast away
Things not of heaven
Aligning of way

Prayer of Padre Pio

Stay with me, Lord
In Your Presence, be
So, I don’t forget You
For I do, easily

Stay with me, Lord
Because I am weak
For I fall often
Your strength, I seek

Stay with me, Lord
My life, You fashion
For without You
I am without passion

Stay with me, Lord
For You are my light
And without you
I’m lost in the night

Stay with me, Lord
To show me Your will
To hear Your voice
And follow You, still

Stay with me, Lord
For I love thee
Let me always stay
In Your company

Stay with me, Lord
If You wish me to
Always to be
Faithful to You

Stay with me, Lord
Let my poor soul rest
Place of consoling
Your love be my nest

Stay with me, Lord
As life passes through
Renewing my strength
Never stop needing You

It’s getting late
Death waits its trial
I fear the darkness
In this night of exile

Stay with me tonight
My Jesus, pursue
In life and its dangers
My Lord, I need You

Let me see You
In the breaking of bread
Light through the darkness
Your joy keeps heart fed

Stay with me, Lord
When death that I face
United to You
By love and by grace

Stay with me Jesus
No consolation is due
But gift of Your Presence
This, I ask of You!

Stay with me Lord
You alone, I adore
Your grace and your will
For You more and more

With a firm love
All my heart perfectly
Continue to love You
Throughout eternity



That I’ve Come to Know

What is of this drawing
That I’ve come to know
Mystery of Presence
Of grace that You bestow

What is of this dwelling
That I’ve come to know
Wrapped in arms of comfort
Letting my true self, show

What is of this being
That I’ve come to know
Spirit of instilling
Setting soul aglow

What is of this loving
That I’ve come to know
Empty cup of filling
Let it overflow