Our True Nothingness

To really know
Spiritual things
Is to know that
We don’t know anything

Spiritual knowing
A mystery great
So wonderfully big
Let us contemplate

One day we shall know
As fully as we’re known
In this humble way
The pathway be shown

To let God know you
In our emptiness
In our nakedness
Our true nothingness

To let all yourself
Fully to be seen
By the great lover
Freedom to glean

We’ll be fully known
Then we can say
We will know God
In the same way


Bring Me

Bring me your loneliness
Relationship find
A friendship eternal
My love of divine

Bring me your sinfulness
And you will see
Your soul be washed clean
By my great mercy

Bring me your emptiness
Find gifts to instill
Of wisdom and joy
Your soul to fill

Bring me your humbleness
A calling, create
My kingdom of building
A purpose, so great

Bring me your nothingness
On me to call
One of my kingdom
And you’ll have it all

Bring me your brokenness
I’ll make you whole
In me, completeness
Healing your soul