Acts of Consenting

Consenting to God
Is not nothing to do
Of leaving all to Him
The opposite is true

Consent of our time
Of our prayer to lift
Blessed by His grace
Source of our gifts

Heart for the needy
To give away
More than is needed
To all here this day

Injustice arising
Truth spoken here
A voice for the voiceless
And conquer my fear

Practice consenting
And we will see
To be more of You
And be less of me

Difficult Questions, Easy Answers

When lost or depressed
Confusing life be
Some questions to ask
Of simplicity

When deep in the valley
In darkest of night
One question to pray
How do I find the light (John 8:12)

When yolk is heavy
Our burdens to bear
To whom can we turn
Of our cross to share (Matthew 11:30)

Thoughts become murky
Truth hard to perceive
A need of foundation
In whom to believe (John 14:6)

Sin overwhelming
In need of mercy
One full of grace
Who can rescue me (John 3:16)

Lady of Solitude

Lady of solitude
Fragrance of peace
Pray with me now
All fear to release

When worries arise
Just let it be
A whisper of wisdom
That you are free

A garden of beauty
Surrounding in prayer
The Spirit arising
Of offering here

Guiding the way
Grace of bestowing
Encounter within
Lord of the knowing

I Know it to Be

A friend of deep needing
Who loves perfectly
The Lord is our rock
I know it to be

A sinner convicted
In need of mercy
The Lord is our Savior
I know it to be

When wolves are surrounding
Fear overwhelms me
The Lord is our Shepherd
I know it to be

When dark is the valley
And no hope to see
The Lord is our light
I know it to be

Exhaling last breath
Into eternity
Faith is our treasure
We’ll know it to be


A time set aside
Of simple intent
In closing of eyes
A prayer of consent

My will to offer
Of Your Presence be
In this moment now
To give all of me

No expectations
Just being here
To love and be loved
A consent that we share

Drawing of deeper
Soul at the core
Offer extended
To consent even more

Faithful Is the Light

Though the earth turned away
Darker was the view
Barren where the branches
The light was faithful true

All throughout the season
Through the frozen chill
Empty was the harvest
The light was shining still

Roots within the deep
Warmed through darkest night
Stirred the inner core
A turning to the light

In the time ordained
Hope within the view
Consent unto Creator
The light comes shining through

When all is aligned
A path of joys delight
With burst of colors fruit
How beautiful the light

Bless Me Your Stillness

Bless to me Your stillness
A place of finding You
Peace of the surrounding
Spirit flowing through

In horizons color
Or one of mountains view
By the tranquil water
In a sky of blue

In Your sacred presence
A church of simple prayer
Nestled in the corners
I’ll always find You there

Practice of our being
The seeking of divine
In the inner room
You I’ll always find