Parable of the Little Fish

There was a little fish; curious was he
Wondered, what is water; So, asked the elderly

Travel far and upward; Raise your eyes and see
Water will you find; Coming down on thee

And so, the fish did swim; Exactly as was told
Rain fell down upon him; Water he behold

He was satisfied; Of this knowledge know
But something stirred within; That deeper he could go

What if he discovered; Of wisdom of sublime
That he lived in an ocean; Of water, all the time

Constantly surrounded; With currents and movements
That water gave him life; And still a greater sense

Water is within him; His nature, very core
Not a distant realm; His being and much more

And so, it is with God; Our relationship to find
Above, around, within; The dwelling of divine

Based upon a story in “Centering Prayer Meditations” by David Frenette

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