An Offer of Thought

A thought to offer you
Perhaps a sacred treat
What if you shared His love
With everyone you meet?

To see each soul as broken
A needing in some way
To come with open ear
A smile in their way

One of warm acceptance
To meet them where they be
Find the way, connecting
A sharing space, safely

Open soul unto them
One of humility
A binding heart together
Of vulnerability

For they have a story
Allow their heart to share
What is in their soul
And know you truly care

Connecting through Spirit
To share lovingly
A new way of being
To live joyfully

2 thoughts on “An Offer of Thought”

  1. Agreed: beautiful thought, beautifully presented, Daryl. Just today a worker behind the counter at a restaurant was offering cheerful banter as I waited for our food. She definitely shared God’s love with her smile, laughter, and warmth–just as you’ve described here!

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