Parable of the Little Fish

There was a little fish; curious was he
Wondered, what is water; So, asked the elderly

Travel far and upward; Raise your eyes and see
Water will you find; Coming down on thee

And so, the fish did swim; Exactly as was told
Rain fell down upon him; Water he behold

He was satisfied; Of this knowledge know
But something stirred within; That deeper he could go

What if he discovered; Of wisdom of sublime
That he lived in an ocean; Of water, all the time

Constantly surrounded; With currents and movements
That water gave him life; And still a greater sense

Water is within him; His nature, very core
Not a distant realm; His being and much more

And so, it is with God; Our relationship to find
Above, around, within; The dwelling of divine

Based upon a story in “Centering Prayer Meditations” by David Frenette


And here we are
The seekers that be
With choice of the heart
To make, we are free

Seekers of knowledge
Or those of money
To be accepted
Or security

In their appearance
Or things that they do
Deep in their eyes
Their seeking flows through

If I am honest
With humility
All these desires
Each flow through me

Decision this day
Of Spirit pursue
All of my seeking
Be only of You