A Few Moments

I know that you’re swamped
So busy you be
Just for a few moments
Come rest here in Me

You’re My heart’s desire
Come let me love you
Just for a few moments
Let Spirit flow through

Gift of my peace
To settle your soul
Just for a few moments
To give up control

A practice connecting
My gifts to receive
Just for a few moments
I’m in you, believe

In last days of finding
These moments turn to
Reflection of treasure
Or eternal view


Though I never knew you
My Grandpa hear me pray
Desire of my heart
To meet you one day

For I’ve heard the stories
Highlights of your life
Of self-sacrifice
Of hard work and of strife

A man of great faith
Stayed, devoted true
Love of God passed down
To me flowed from you

Our inheritance
Through your children, see
Of the love of Christ
Gifts blessed unto me

After the Cross

Locked behind the door
Huddled in our fear
Speaking, Peace be with you
Jesus does appear

Overwhelmed in doubt
Proof to be supplied
Jesus comes to us
Here now, touch my side

Not seeing clearly
On path along the way
Word to us explained
He walks with us this day

Three times a denial
Failure we do see
Jesus calls to us
With His love and mercy

Choose To

Awake in me Lord
And let my heart say
That I will choose
To be happy this day

Dwell in me Lord
Let me choose to pray
For all of your blessings
I’m grateful this day

Be with me Lord
May truth in me stay
Welcoming You
To be loved this day

Move in me Lord
A smile lead my way
Choosing the light
Of hope in You this day

God Of

Encounter within
Soul to prepare
To our God of love
Consent be our prayer

A sacred nothingness
Dwelling right here
God of simplicity
Being is our prayer

Adrift in consuming
Of binding we share
God of acceptance
Presence is our prayer

Ascending above
Let soul be aware
In God of Presence
Everywhere is our prayer

You Sent

You sent me a sunrise
That I did not see
Peace for the soul
A gift of beauty

You sent me Your needy
Jesus is disguise
Encounter of love
That passed by my eyes

You sent me some silence
A calling to pray
I chose to hurry
To things of this day

You send me your Word
Of you’re wisdom great
The choosing of You
Is never too late

What You’re Looking For

My child, beloved
The one I adore
Please come and find
What you’re looking for

A perfect love
Acceptance, complete
A resting of soul
A divine retreat

Mercy unending
Grace blessed this day
A healing of soul
All fear cast away

Treasures of heaven
Of gifting in store
All blessed to you
And still so much more!

Floating in Contemplation

Contemplation is like
Learning how to float
In a pool of water
A process here to note

Clinging to the side
Hanging on in fear
Developing a sense
Of confidence now here

Learning how to trust
Slowly our feet lift
Gently letting go
We begin to drift

Into the unseen
Letting trust flow through
Presence in the water
That is supporting you

A process of learning
Of trusting to share
In an unseen presence
Likewise to, in prayer

Thoughts from Teresa of Avila

A simple thought for you
Truths to sink herein
In the depths of soul
May there be peace within

May you not forget
The infinite to see
That you are born of faith
Of possibilities

May you use those gifts
Ones that you’ve received
Passing on the love
Upon you God has heaved

May you be content
As child of God be
Let nothing frighten you
God watches over me

Let this Presence settle
Into your bones, bring
The freedom of the soul
To love and praise and sing!

Quotes from Teresa of Avila

Pure Prayer

When in our prayer
We find it confusing
If we strive to achieve
This time we’re misusing

If it’s about us
We control and must do
This way of prayer might
Be inhibiting you

Allow mind to be
Without sensations
Just in His Presence
With no expectations

Resting in stillness
Just rest and be
Just letting go
To give all of me

In depths of God’s being
Rest beyond resting
Wait beyond waiting
Be beyond being

Resting in God
To be in Him here
Being in His being
Is a form of pure prayer