You Find Me in the Garden

A place you planted hope
A refuge of retreat
Hands deep in the soil
Creator you did meet

On your knees connecting
A simple act of grace
Your Spirit of desire
Brings beauty to this place

Though years have now passed by
Etched In memory
Connection bound in love
The place that you find me

In touch of morning light
Whispering flows through
For it’s in the garden
That I connect with you


The light shining bright
A moment in May
A birthing of blossoms
Twas your birthday

In kindness you grew
A compassionate heart
Growing of blossoms
Of a humble start

Dream that came true
On your wedding day
Such beautiful blossoms
A flowing bouquet

A wife devoted
Your love to relay
A sharing of blossoms
To your children, convey

Through self-sacrifice
Of inner strength pray
A fragrance of blossoms
From seeds that you laid

And when your day came
We sent you on the way
Through falling blossoms
On your casket they lay

Throughout all my life
Of nature’s display
Your Spirit of blossoms
With me here stay

Fruit of Your Prayer

A challenge before us
Sent on the way
Great of the needing
We asked you to pray

A true faithful friend
Great comfort to be
We knew in our soul
The Lord covering me

Blessing us peace
Deep in our soul
Of comforts surrender
The Lord’s in control

And now we return
We are here to say
Of miracles lived
A witness this day

Great are the blessings
The fruit of your prayer
Let us rejoice
In His glory to share

For Such A Time as This

Endowed with a mission
One within the way
To rescue our beloved
You are sent this day

Life of preparation
Of wisdom to subsist
A servant of the Lord
For such a time as this

You go not alone
One body that we share
Comfort in the knowing
Covered by our prayer

Flowing of the Spirit
Showered in His Grace
Wrapped in His protection
Safe in His embrace

With humble confidence
Of your gifts prepared
Letting His love say
Evil has no power here

Help us to remember
Truth known in our soul
Foundation of our faith
The Lord is in control

Divine Invitation

Accepting right here
Divine invitation
Consenting to presence
Of participation

Upon every wave
A continual flow
Gift of light offered
You want us to know

With every breath drawn
In this cool morning air
Innovation is blessed
That you are right here

Every soul encountered
You’d like us to see
Jesus in disguise
A binding to be

Within every birdsong
Or flowers beauty
With offer of silence
The Lords drawing me

Three Times

Three times a denial
That Peter would say
“I do not know him”
Such regret on that day

Three times He fell
As He carried His cross
Still He forged onward
No matter the cost

Three times of a question
Do you love me?
Forgiving, confirming
His love and mercy

Three days in the tomb
In silence, preparing
A resurrection
Salvation of sharing

Three are divine
All beings as One
The Holy Spirit
The Father and Son

In Spirit

A glorious sunrise
In gifting belong
Joy through the Spirit
Surround me in your song

Reflection in stillness
Moves soul in alliance
Peace through the Spirit
Instilled with your silence

A blessing of cover
Lifts soul in delight
Presence in Spirit
Bathed with your light

Our prayer for this day
May all be as One
United in Spirit
The Father and Son

Of Grays, Pink and Blue

Arise into morning
Of horizons view
In colors presented
Of grays, pink and blue

An intimate setting
Subtle of hue
Peace is prevailing
Of dwelling into

A palette prophetic
Of wisdom flows through
Of life’s’ joys and sorrows
A moving preview

Prepare now the soul
Your wisdom pursue
In pathway before us
May we share it with You

Live Peacefully

What is this feeling
That’s calling to me?
Beneath all my worry
To live peacefully

A knowledge of offer
In God’s written Word
Of “peace be with you”
Here, let it be heard

Be not afraid
Our Lord’s Word is spoken
A gift that He purchased
Through His body broken

One of this moment
In prayer Him and me
A divine connection
To eternity

Mom’s Voice

Oh Ma, I hear your voice
The things that you adore
Ingrained with my heart
Lessons that you stood for

A pure heart of giving
Generosity dispersed
Always to remember
Think of the other first

When you see injustice
The powerful demand
Here now, raise your voice
Always take a stand

Never miss a chance
To practice compassion
Or save a dollar here
To get the latest fashion

Priorities of life
One of family
Little acts of kindness
Planting of beauty

Remember to be kind
Taking time to see
Joy in the little ones
Air of humility

Rejoicing in good news
Happiness it brings
Casting of the view
To speak of happy things

Words that formed my life
Wisdom of value
Help me to live these acts
As unselfishly as you