It Is Seen

Some wisdom shared with me
Words of “it is seen”
Blessing of reflection
Of what they truly mean

Exhausted from serving
Struggle to endure
Encouragement of calling
To love a little more

Hidden in the darkness
When sin has captured me
Words of only love
To turn to His mercy

When life appears hopeless
Seems empty all we do
Hope within the knowledge
Godsโ€™ providence shines through

For there is nothing hidden
That will not be shown
Nothing thatโ€™s concealed
That will not be known

Man in the Door

So grateful this day
I could go to the store
A man clearly stressed
Appeared at the door

I had to think fast
To bless him this day
Lord gift me your word
To recast his way

Lord please flow through me
In peace , let him be
I asked how are you
His answered pleased me

The Lord has blessed him
In so many ways
May he slow down
This petition, I pray

I hoped he would stop
But he ran out the door
So I’ll pray for him
Please Lord bless him some more

Lady in The Door

I was in a big rush
As I ran out of the store
A lady appeared
in the open door

Clearly disabled
Just barely could walk
A smile shone bright
As she started to talk

With a, Hi, how are you
I said, I’m going great
She said, That makes me glad
I ran out, couldn’t wait

She stuck in my mind
Though body was broken
Her Spirit was bright
Joy the word spoken

Something about her
In soul was profound
In light of surrounding
It’s Jesus I found

One Word of Prayer

One word of prayer
I placed in my pocket
In living this day
In my soul to lock-it

When feeling stressed
A prayer to release
A comforting word
Is our gifting of peace

Encounters this day
With all that I see
A calling of word
To bless mercy

Shining the light
When tough to cope
For found in this word
Is our source of hope

One simple word
Of our life to share
That speaks only love
Jesus is our prayer

Mertons: God is Manifest

Life is this simple
Of world living true
Absolutely transparent
That God’s shining through

Abandon ourselves
To our God fully
We see it sometimes
And maybe frequently

That God is manifest
In everything
In everyone
Through nature shining

Becoming obvious
That God is everywhere
Simply impossible
To not be with Him here

Beginnings’ Offering

Priority to set
Of gifting to prepare
Awakening this day
Into our time of prayer

Beginningsโ€™ offering
When the mind is clear
One of morning light
Within the open air

Stilling of the soul
To stir the inner ear
Speaking heart to heart
Silence that we share

Birthing of this day
Creator be aware
Of outer and within
Your Presence being here

Center, Center

Too busy now, to help the cause
Let Spirit rise, with Word to pause

Turn direction of my view
Center, center, soul in You

When Iโ€™m upset, in path today
May ego still, let my heart say

Refocus now of my view
Center, center, soul in You

When overwhelmed, with stress this day
Let the soul arise and turn to pray

An inner turn of my view
Center, center, soul in You

No formula within my prayer
Just be loved in Presence here

Fill with light within my view
Center, center, soul in You