A Gifting to Perceive

Lord I ask of You
A gifting to receive
One within Your view
Of knowing to perceive

One of souls’ encounter
Truly of the seeing
Vision of the deep
Of their inner being

Beyond the mortal skin
Appearance fade away
Past our brokenness
With everyone this day

To see as You do
To cherish them right here
Acceptance be complete
To bind with love, You share

A practice of divine
Of treasure to pursue
Only through the blessing
Of the grace of You

Another Belonging

This world of deceiving
I find myself longing
A store of the calling
Another belonging

A turning to prayer
Desire of longing
A calling beyond
Another belonging

One of the Spirit
Eternal of longing
A calling divine
Another belonging

Love of the sharing
Community drawing
Souls of the calling
Another belonging

Heavy Heart Lifting

Heart feeling heavy
Shoulders weighed down
Dark are the shadow
Mouth wears a frown

A gaze to the window
Drawn to the light
A movement outside
View a swallow’s flight

Freedom of movement
A dance in the air
A Spirit of lifting
Of gifting found here

A greater perspective
Of light,. Let us sing
Attune to the Spirit
To raise up our wings

Silver, Silver

Silver, silver
Morning shine
Blessed light
Of gift divine

Be within
This beauty fine
Drawing in
Your grand design

Oh, stir within
This soul of mine
This day with you
My path align

Deeper, deeper
My soul pines
A branch to grow
From You, my vine

Let Me…

Let me find home in silence
In welcoming Presence to be
For it’s found in the quiet
I hear Your voice speaking to me

Let me be of the seeking
One of simplicity
Just to love one another
By grace flowing from Thee

Let me be of descending
Humble, one of the small
In our generous giving
Through You receiving of all

Let me be of forgiving
A freeing within Your mercy
Finding our treasure in moment
Through graces of Your beauty

Settle, Settle

Settle, settle into now
Place of Presence be
In this quiet silence
Here now You find me

Yielding, yielding into now
Gently letting go
In this sweet surrender
Mercy here to know

Open, open into now
Spirit flowing through
Gifting of acceptance
Letting me love you

Binding, binding into now
Let us be as One
Alignment of the way
Pathway here begun

Stilling, Drawing, Guiding

Listen to the water flow
Pour into my heart
Stirring Spirit of the deep
Stillness to impart

Still within the mornings light
Moving in reflection
Warming Spirit of sweet joy
Drawing of connection

Draw deep of the moment now
Being of right here
Dwelling Spirit of His peace
Guiding us to prayer

Guide us now within the way
His giftings’ let us bring
Stilling, drawing, guiding
With Spirits voice to sing

Seeking Simplicity

Through lessons of life
A view of clarity
Let treasure of seeking
Be simplicity

Found in our prayer
Of Presence to be
Just me loving God
And let him love me

Souls of encounter
To seek unity
In humble connection
To share our story

A simple practice
In this moment to see
A grateful acceptance
Of all God’s blessing me

Trail of Light

A new day of birthing
Of vision to lift
An offer for soul
Is Your mornings gift

Light of the Spirit
Peace you exude
A drawing of stillness
Of One solitude

Drifting into the scene
The false fades away
Soul of the binding
Just being, we pray

A resting completely
Of sacred beauty
Soul of the knowing
As it’s meant to be

Ripples of reflection
Flow in the way
Let this trail of light
Follow me this day

Practice of Unity – Bonaventure

Father, Son and Spirit
Blessed Trinity
Calling us to love
In holy unity

Start with little things
Here now pay attention
Fall in love with it
For its Gods’ creation

Beginning with a rock
In your hands to hold
Can you love it still?
Though it be hard and cold

Next, to gaze at water
Reflect in its beauty
Then to vegetation
Plants, bushes and trees

Look at animals
Our compassion raise
Love of all these things
Giving God our praise

Then and only then
Let our heart prepare
To love other people
Our soul to really care

People not like you
A moving of outside
The comfort of our circle
Where unity resides

To imitate our Savior
In Father and in Son
And like Jesus say
He and I are One