Voice of Pentecost

Suddenly from the sky
A noise like a strong wind
Appeared as tongues of fire
Which came to rest within

Filling with the Spirit
Tongues different but the same
Enabled by the Spirit
Each they did proclaim

Wisdom for the chosen
Each of us a choice
Moved within the Spirit
For us to find our voice

Blessing us a mission
A purpose each our own
A humble way of sharing
Making our God known

Find Your Place

In this noisy world
So hard to find a space
Take some time today
Find your quiet place

In this stress filled world
Such challenges we face
Time to refresh the soul
Find your resting place

In this selfish world
A culture we embrace
Let’s turn our way above
Find your prayerful place

In, not of this world
Receiving of Your grace
Anywhere we be
In You I find my place

Open the Back Door

Open the back door
Venture outside
Bask in the sunlight
With You to reside

Upon a soft breeze
Under tall pine
Drawing the fresh air
Your Presence divine

Peacefully silent
Surrounding in song
Bird serenading
One creation belong

Spirit of drawing
Light flowing through
Inner and outer
Connecting to You

The Way of Contemplation

Awareness of calling
A drawing into
A simple prayer
Of turning to You

Invitation is offered
Of Presence aware
A simple acceptance
Of being right here

A simple surrender
Of our letting go
Receiving the truth
That You love me so

When distractions arise
So simple to do
Of ever so gently
Returning to You

A prayer now to carry
Of our simple share
Compassion and love
To shine everywhere

Contemplation is

Contemplation is
Faith of our gaze
Fixed upon Jesus
In His simple ways

I look at Him
And He looks at me
A mirrors reflection
Here what do I see?

Renouncing the self
Our heart, purify
The light of Jesus
Illumines our eyes

He teaches us
To see everything
In the light of truth
Compassion to bring

A turn of our gaze
To the mysteries
Of the life of Christ
That know no boundaries

Thus, we are learning
The inner knowing
To love Him more
Discipleship flowing

Find in a Sunrise

Find in a sunrise
A wonderful view
Discover in light
What it says to you

Warming the heart
Mercy so true
Lost in the drawing
A falling into

Acceptance complete
Love, its embrace
A drifting within
A gifting of grace

Peace is prevailing
Spirits direction
Soul of arising
A divine connection

Birthing This Day

How still this morning
Clean is the slate
A beautiful setting
To contemplate

Blue sky is empty
Pause now the air
The water, a mirror
Of light to appear

A blanket of silence
Of Spirit extol
A movement within
To offer the soul

Creations alignment
Attention turn to
Birthing this day
In glory of You

This is Your Presence

A pause of attention
In peripheries view
This is Your Presence
Attention drawn to

Beauties encounter
Of nature’s display
This is Your Presence
A gift here this day

A soul of the needing
Encounter to see
This is Your Presence
Of one body be

Easy of knowing
Embrace to surround
This is Your Presence
When love is found

A practice partaking
Of You everywhere
This is Your Presence
In being of prayer

Waves, Breath and Prayer

A gaze upon ocean
Of wisdom to know
A wave slowly rises
And then it lets go

A breath of the joining
A drawing of deep
Lungs of the filling
Then outward to seep

A prayer of ascension
Connection above
A drawing within
Of His precious love

A rhythm repeating
With a breath of prayer
Flowing of waves
Of Your love to share