So Loved

You are so loved, don’t you ever forget it
Loved with My love, perfect true
You are so loved, don’t you ever forget it
Here, won’t you let it flow through

You are forgiven, don’t ever forget it
Forgiven with My mercy true
You are forgiven, don’t ever forget it
Be quick to share mercy too

You have a purpose, don’t ever forget it
To share gifts of unique value
You have a purpose, don’t ever forget it
Give what’s be given to you

You have been blessed, don’t you ever forget it
Born a creation anew
You have been blessed, don’t you ever forget it
Bring joy, in all that you do

You have a home, don’t you ever forget it
Perspective of hope in our view
You have a home, don’t you ever forget it
Eternity waiting for you

Deeper of the Calling

How do you do it
Oh water of blue
In calming my soul
You always flow through

Why the attraction
To silence I’m drawn
A dwelling of peace
Of inner to spawn

What is the stirring
Of lights fascination
One of uplifting
A joy filled sensation

Deeper of calling
Desire of more
In prayer of the sharing
Love You outpour


We are in the current
Of the world today
If we’re not attentive
It carries us away

Senses of the calling
Things that we must do
Buying, watching, stressing
Distracting us from You

Let us keep our focus
Love of You to know
Grateful for the blessings
Of all that You bestow

Lord, please be our center
Jesus my soul lead
Knowing of perspective
You are all we need

One of living water
Let Your Spirit flow
Current of Your way
With gifts that overflow

Tis The Lord

We know we are broken
We acknowledge our sin
We are fully dependent
Of our Lord dwelling in

Tis a gift to be simple
Tis a gift to be kind
Tis a gift to be joyful
When the Lords’ love we find

Tis a grace to be humble
Tis a grace to believe
Tis a grace to forgive
When the Lord we receive

We are one of the chosen
We are one of the way
We are one of transforming
With the Lord here, this day

We are blessed with a purpose
We are blessed born anew
We are blessed in His serving
With the Lord shining through

The Scene Becomes

Senses surrounded
In sunlight adorning
The soft sounds of
A summer morning

Something simple
In the scene
Stirs within
The soul serene

The sky supplies
A subtle blue
Savior, pursue

A silent psalm
Subside into
A sacred space
Supplied by You

Your Presence shines
Through Spirit sent
The scene becomes
A sacrament

Ten Thousand Inputs

Ten thousand inputs
Are flowing in my mind
What is filters treasure
That I seek to find

Closing of the eyes
Of worldly visions snare
Seeking of the quiet
To only silence hear

Settling of soul
To let all worries flee
Surrender here the past
Graced by your mercy

Ten million blessings
Show their value
As they come into focus
Through the lens of You

Flowers Have No Muscles

Flowers have no muscles
Yet, move unto the light
They smile at the sun
Kiss the sky goodnight

Thought to think and ponder
How this can be fulfilled
Only through their emptiness
Is how they can be filled

The water of life
Coursing through their veins
Providing them their strength
Creators giftings reigns

When I’m parched and drooping
But drink I do refuse
Fill me with aqua vitae
Of Spirits life infuse

Make my body rise
Let Your will be done
Fill me with inner strength
To gaze upon the sun

A Moment of Intent

Just a moment of prayer
So busy, it’s tough
We hear our God say
It is enough

A voice of compassion
Of meeting us here
Comfort of knowing
One of great care

That He is with us
In our life to share
An offer of carry
Of our cross to bear

Being of knowing
One that adores
A drawing of deeper
He wants to bless more

She Speaks to Me

Prayer before your statue
A reminder to see
In drawing of the deeper
I find she speaks to me

Words of wisdom whisper
One within the soul
Needed nourishment
Motherly console

Guiding of the Spirit
Gifting of His peace
One of trust and hope
Will here to release

Connection to beyond
A comfort that we find
A Mothers gentle way
Leads to divine

Deeper and Beyond

Resting in your presence
A drawing, nice and slow
Found within your blessing
Deeper than we know

To be fully present
Letting will concur
Spirit speaking through
A prayer past human words

Known within the soul
That you are nearer than near
You carry me into
A being beyond here

In binding acceptance
In light of beauty
Grace of receiving
Love purer than can be