A Moment of Intent

Just a moment of prayer
So busy, it’s tough
We hear our God say
It is enough

A voice of compassion
Of meeting us here
Comfort of knowing
One of great care

That He is with us
In our life to share
An offer of carry
Of our cross to bear

Being of knowing
One that adores
A drawing of deeper
He wants to bless more

She Speaks to Me

Prayer before your statue
A reminder to see
In drawing of the deeper
I find she speaks to me

Words of wisdom whisper
One within the soul
Needed nourishment
Motherly console

Guiding of the Spirit
Gifting of His peace
One of trust and hope
Will here to release

Connection to beyond
A comfort that we find
A Mothers gentle way
Leads to divine

Deeper and Beyond

Resting in your presence
A drawing, nice and slow
Found within your blessing
Deeper than we know

To be fully present
Letting will concur
Spirit speaking through
A prayer past human words

Known within the soul
That you are nearer than near
You carry me into
A being beyond here

In binding acceptance
In light of beauty
Grace of receiving
Love purer than can be

In This

In this very moment
Of eternity
I dwell God
And He dwells in me

In this location
Of universe great
Perfection of being
To contemplate

In this broken soul
Of all of mankind
A binding complete
Of His grace I find

In this transformation
With gifts of above
A blessing of sending
To share His great love

Who Am I?

I rest upon white clouds
And dance upon waves
Birth the grain fields
What the flowers crave

I cast out the darkness
Every sunrise begin
Bless sunsets with color
Caressing your skin

Warming the oceans
Melt frozen snow
Twinkle the stars
The moon casts it’s glow

I am every vision
Reflect every tear
Show joy in the eye
I will always appear

I am a reflection
Pass through the air
You cannot see me
But I am everywhere

My Main Street

Driving down main street
Of stores in my view
An indication
Where we place value

Loaded with fast food
And shops for our tires
A station for gas
Or bargains attire

But sprinkled within
Is a Church or two
A reminder within
Of our hope in You

If I were a main street
What would you see?
Let gifts of the Spirit
My priorities be

Can’t Wait for This Day

I’ve never seen
This day before
What God’s prepared
I can’t wait for

I look above
The sunrise, see
The sky displayed
What such beauty

Another page
Of our story
In how our God
Is blessing me

With purpose sent
His love to share
No greater gift
There is too bear