In This

In this very moment
Of eternity
I dwell God
And He dwells in me

In this location
Of universe great
Perfection of being
To contemplate

In this broken soul
Of all of mankind
A binding complete
Of His grace I find

In this transformation
With gifts of above
A blessing of sending
To share His great love

Who Am I?

I rest upon white clouds
And dance upon waves
Birth the grain fields
What the flowers crave

I cast out the darkness
Every sunrise begin
Bless sunsets with color
Caressing your skin

Warming the oceans
Melt frozen snow
Twinkle the stars
The moon casts it’s glow

I am every vision
Reflect every tear
Show joy in the eye
I will always appear

I am a reflection
Pass through the air
You cannot see me
But I am everywhere

My Main Street

Driving down main street
Of stores in my view
An indication
Where we place value

Loaded with fast food
And shops for our tires
A station for gas
Or bargains attire

But sprinkled within
Is a Church or two
A reminder within
Of our hope in You

If I were a main street
What would you see?
Let gifts of the Spirit
My priorities be

Can’t Wait for This Day

I’ve never seen
This day before
What God’s prepared
I can’t wait for

I look above
The sunrise, see
The sky displayed
What such beauty

Another page
Of our story
In how our God
Is blessing me

With purpose sent
His love to share
No greater gift
There is too bear

In Creation to See

When in the orchard
I said to the tree
Speak to me of God
A blossom blessed me

I said to the sunlight
Please send hope this day
And patiently waiting
The shadows went away

I prayed with the flowers
Oh, help me to praise
We turned to the light
Their petals they raised

My brother and sister
In creation to see
Through love of the Father
All one that we be

(loosely based upon words attributed to Francis of Assisi)

You Love Me Into

Fully dependent
On your grace of giving
With every heartbeat
You love me into living

All of creation
And all that I’m seeing
in binding of spirit
You loved me into being

Grace overflowing
Compassion and caring
With souls of the needing
You love me into sharing

Now and forever
Love through and through
Eternal joy
You love me into You

Pour into This Vessel

With Word you have spoken
We celebrate
This sacrament
Of Your mystery great

Prepare the soul
Empty it be
With faith in your love
Of transforming me

One of the filling
Of one cup to raise
We offer our thanks
Heart full of praise

Pour into this vessel
Our Jesus of knowing
One of becoming
Your love overflowing

Chasing Everything

Once when I was holy
Of innocence so pure
Filled within of Spirit
With Your strength to endure

Then the world consumed me
I slowly drifted away
I just got so busy
Seldom did I pray

Chasing everything
I began to see
Though my life was filled
I just felt so empty

Searching for the answer
The soul began to yearn
Into open arms
The prodigal returns

Don’t Try to Be Holy

Don’t try to be holy
Just be yourself
Just to be you
And nobody else

Be the best version
Uniquely you
Start with God’s love
And let it flow through

Follow your passions
Using your gifts
Sharing your story
His light to lift

Binding with others
To be fully real
Be who God made you
The world to reveal

If we are humble
In grounding to pray
Then we will follow
His holy way

Quotes of Gratitude

An early-morning walk
A blessing for the day
A friend along my side
Is found when I pray

Taking time to stop
Enjoy this moment here
For its now or never
Eternal with a prayer

When I complain
A prayer to rebuff
For gratitude makes
All I have be enough

Gratitude is riches
Complaint is poverty
Oh Lord, here what you bless
Please let my treasure, be