Quotes of Helen Keller

So much has been given to me
That I have no time to reside
And to ponder of that which
Things that have been denied

I cried because I had no shoes
Until that I did meet
A man that smiled at me
And saw he had no feet

The best and most beautiful things
That this world does impart
Cannot be seen or be touched
They must be felt with the heart

Character can’t be developed
By a life of quiet and ease
Only through suffering trials
Can a strengthened soul be achieved

Missing Mom

Oh how I do miss you
Embrace that I long for
To hear your sweet voice
Mom that I adore

Arising in the soul
Your whisper flowing through
Beyond my worldly senses
I know the voice of you

Hold me in the silence
Way of the beyond
Love in the perfection
Let Jesus be our bond

Here I’m always with you
Wherever you may go
A new way of the showing
With love for you to know

Water Shine

How glorious
This water shine
Brings joy herein
This soul of mine

A stirring now
Within the deep
A drawing prayer
To soul it seeps

From where it flows
This light above
That speaks it’s only
Word of love

A source beyond
And yet is here
Our God within
Arises here