Shoulder to shoulder

Shoulder to shoulder
They sit in the pew
In silent reverence
Adoring of You

Faith of the sharing
Of binding so great
Beyond of this world
Here to contemplate

A stirring of deep
The power of two
One in Your name
The Spirit flows through

Heavenly beauty
On earth here create
You light to this world
Of love radiate

Simon of Cyrene

From the countryside
Appeared at the scene
Pressed into service
Simon of Cyrene

Not much written of him
A simple passer by
But was of the chosen
His help he did apply

Helping of our Jesus
Cross of bearing great
A meeting of the eyes
A prayer to contemplate

Touched His precious blood
Holy breath to share
How heavy was that cross?
Of all our sins to bare

When we are called to service
A calling here to do
To walk by Jesus’ side
May I be faithful too