Simple bread and wine
The great mystery
Your body and Your blood
Here You offer me

Intimate encounter
Divinity so true
Please let me be worthy
Of consuming You

Dwelling of the deeper
Surrender be complete
Heaven of the now
Jesus here we meet

For is as Your way
A turning here to see
For in the transforming
You are consuming me


How Many?

How many breathes
Have been breathed in this space
A drawing within
Of Spirits embrace

How many prayers
Have been prayed in this place
A dwelling within
Of our Lord face to face

How many sins
Have been erased
Completely forgiven
Without a trace

How many encounters
Have been embraced
Changing the path
Of the human race

For I have been one
The old’s been replaced
Forever I’m grateful
Of gifts of Your grace

Knowing and Being

Into Your Presence
A knowing is heard
Deep beyond deep
Word beyond word

Comfort in binding
Of being part of
Prayer beyond prayer
Love beyond love

Home is the feeling
Of knowing sublime
Place beyond place
Time beyond time

Spirit is flowing
Our being is free
World beyond world
Me beyond me

Something of the Morning Mist

Something of the morning mist
Finds comfort in my soul
Perhaps serves a reminder
That I’m not in control

A drawing of consuming
An easy, fall into
That takes the soul a drifting
Here of finding You

Soul of the arising
In shroud of comfort bring
Finding of the Spirit
Within our offering

A parallel of light
That only soul can see
A gift of finding love
In this discovery

In Solitude Seeking

In solitude seeking
Of nature’s view
Let the soul be
In being with you

intentional dwelling
be in the scene
Let the soul listen
in silence serene

One of receiving
Of Spirit be heard
Let the soul let
As love is the Word

Way if the shaping
Sweet transformation
Let the soul mold
Be of Your creation

A Whisper of Color

A whisper of color
A hint of the light
Blesses away
The last breath of night

A humble Foreshadow
Of hope in this day
Creators preview
In horizons Display

A silhouettes portrait
With message ingrained
A offer of purpose
That He has ordained

Let us turn to
His direction of gifting
Of heaven to shine
With our will of lifting