Into the Morning

Into the morning
When mist kisses dawn
Before the first light
And birds lift their song

In power of stillness
Of one to fall in
I find myself lost
By our drifting within

A blanket of peace
Of comfort we find
A veil passing through
Of dwelling divine

For what the mind
Cannot construe
Through Spirit be
Comes into view

A Simple Building

A simple building
Constructed of wood
Hand crafted devotion
For years, it has stood

On ground of the holy
In soul it is known
Ingrained in this space
A sacredness shown

Rafters infused
With incense of air
Pews have been soaked
With humble prayer

Inner light shines
With sweet adoration
Easy the way
To contemplation

Along The Path

Lead me down the path
Where wildflowers grow
A stroll with Savior blessed
In prayer for us to know

Resting by still waters
As sunlight filters through
Roots of growing deep
Of yearning here for You

Dwell within the twilight
Letting worries go
Rejoice with in the sunset
In joy of colors flow

Pause me in the evening
Within the peace of night
Lifting soul above
With the stars of night

Practice of life’s way
Gratitude in growing
Sharing of our journey
With our Lord of knowing

Whole Earth Turning

Alone in the darkness
For light, heart is yearning
In dawning we pray
Feel the whole earth turning

Our crosses we carry
With worries concerning
Hope in our Savior
Feel the whole earth turning

End of the day
To stars of returning
Our resting in You
Feel the whole earth turning

You are in control
Your wisdom of learning
May all come to You
The whole earth of turning

Would You?

Would you paint me a sunset?
Of suns golden waves
Blending the colors
Of which the soul craves

Would you write me a story?
Of the king of all kings
With gift of salvation
and love that He brings

Would you gift me a journey?
With blessings bestowed
Adventure of living
With Lord here to know

Would you grant me a treasure?
Of divine dwelling be
Residing in heaven
For all eternity

A Different Scene

Something unfamiliar
Perspective of new view
Different scene presented
Stirs the soul anew

Finding of a poem
Here in this new place
A welcoming acceptance
Plants a seed of grace

Key within the finding
Acknowledge Presence here
Lessons of life long
That You are everywhere

If we’re truly willing
To let the Spirit through
In facet of the flowing
A new view found of You

Soul Realigned

Embrace of my soul
Intentional plan
Of placing it gently
Into Your hands

A tender caress
Love to impart
Touching of cheek
Drawn into Your heart

Into Your ocean
Of grace and of love
Dwelling within
Of heaven above

Restoring the whole
Time to conclude
Soul realigned
A body renewed

A True Community

We are called to gather
Believers of the One
Rejoicing in the Spirit
In common love of Son

Sharing of our story
How we are redeemed
Encouragement of blessings
In one purpose, we’ve teamed

Sharing of our joys
Bind in sorrows deep
Lifting of our prayers
Faith for us to keep

Bound within the Spirit
Hope for us to see
Through humble love and mercy
A true community


Simple bread and wine
The great mystery
Your body and Your blood
Here You offer me

Intimate encounter
Divinity so true
Please let me be worthy
Of consuming You

Dwelling of the deeper
Surrender be complete
Heaven of the now
Jesus here we meet

For is as Your way
A turning here to see
For in the transforming
You are consuming me

How Many?

How many breathes
Have been breathed in this space
A drawing within
Of Spirits embrace

How many prayers
Have been prayed in this place
A dwelling within
Of our Lord face to face

How many sins
Have been erased
Completely forgiven
Without a trace

How many encounters
Have been embraced
Changing the path
Of the human race

For I have been one
The old’s been replaced
Forever I’m grateful
Of gifts of Your grace