Taking and Giving

On taking and giving
We hear the world say
Take what you can get
Before it slips away

We buy and get and store
All we can today
But the soul is empty
We need Another way

In the scriptures treasure
We hear our Jesus say
If you want love and joy
Give it all away

Truth within the finding
When we’ve lived our last day
The only thing you take
Is what you gave away

Language of the Light

Heard in the sunrise
And stars of the night
For silence is
The language of the light

A calling to stillness
With gifting of peace
A simple surrender
Of will to release

Forever seeking
Throughout the day
Intimate drawing
Of being to pray

With warmth of its love
We become whole
For God we encounter
In dwelling of soul

Having a Bad Day

So many times
I hear myself say
Of words or of thought
That I had a bad day

So disappointed
Heart of dismay
That Iโ€™m frustrated
Things didnโ€™t go my way

Posture deserving
Perfection expect
Way of my heart
Attitude effect

Know in my heart
These words, if I can
โ€œOh, my Lord you have
A perfect planโ€

Womb of Your Presence

Place where I was born
Life began to bloom
Home within the safety
Of my mother’s womb

Finding a returning
In dwelling here with You
In womb of Your Presence
Where souls’ blessed anew

Intimate sharing
Safe and secure
To be of one being
Of binding so pure

Nestled within
Of the inner room
A birthing of Spirit
For Your love to bloom


A view of many colors
Blesses us this day
A dwelling of within
This beautiful display

A sky of many layers
Is wonderfully arrayed
A drifting of above
Of heaven to convey

A field of many senses
A sensual bouquet
A knowing of beyond
A Spiritual doorway

A path of many steps
Ahead within our way
Oh Lord, stay by my side
In sharing here, we pray

When the Night

When the light fades away
Autumn finds its chill
Darkness fills the sky
To leaves the colors spill

When the crescent moon
Takes its position back
Time for stars to shine
On a palette black

When the air is still
In space the light enjoyed
A song of silent psalm
Slips in to fill the void

When the prayer is felt
Peace consumes the night
Body finds its rest
The soul is tucked in tight