Where Meditation Leads

In the inner stillness
Where meditation leads
Encounter of fulfillment
Of our deepest needs

Where Spirit secretly
Anoints the humble soul
A sacred dwelling place
Divinity’s porthole

Of our deepest wounds
We find holy healing
Embrace of precious love
Heaven of revealing

In the inner stillness where meditation leads, the Spirit secretly anoints the soul and heals our deepest wounds
~ St. John of the Cross

Don’t Let the Words

Let humbleness rein
When trying to pray
For don’t let the words
Get in the way

So easy to do
True feelings impart
Flowing of all
Right from your heart

Truth of unspoken
One of outpouring
A finding of grace
Our God of adoring

So good for the soul
This practice to be
In binding in God
The freeing of me

Here’s is My One

Here is the one
I cherish, adore
I offer my treasures
Of gifts to outpour

So undeserving
Cast that thought away
Come close my child
Be with Me and pray

It’s my great desire
For you to know
My love completely
Come let me show

Fall here within
My loving embrace
Know the Word spoken
A being of grace

Here is the One

Here is the One
Our Savior, our King
Creator of all
Of which angels sing

Here is the light
Our hope and our joy
With facets of blessings
Of gifts to enjoy

Here is the love
That every soul seeks
Our great comforter
Of the lost and the weak

Here’s all we need
To fill our souls’ longing
Who welcomes all
With eternal belonging

Fill Me

A step into dawning
Transition of night
Fill me with emptiness
To make way for the light

When silence is king
And stress is forsaken
Fill me with stillness
A time to awaken

One of awareness
A movement occurring
Fill me with peace
With Spirit of stirring

Empty and still
With peace here inside
Fill me of prayer
With You to reside

What’s the Souls Substance?

Is the soul water?
Is the soul light?
One thing we know
It’s Gods delight

Is it an emotion?
Right here or above
We find in its dwelling
A being of love

Is it who we are?
Or who we’re to be
Source of our life
Of eternity

What is the substance?
Let our thought advance
For a better questions’
What’s its sustenance?

Ocean of Waves

The great body rises
Crests, then it falls
Seems as a breath
Releasing it all

Light sends its blessing
At touching upon
And with a sparkle
It passes it on

Gaze of consuming
Draws us to belong
One of waves flowing
As we breathe along

A body of greater
Absorbing of me
Lost in the ocean
Of God, symbolically