Are We Not

Are we not shepherds?
Who are filled with fear
Who wander the fields
Our senses aware

Are we not a witness?
To our Jesus’ birth
The source of our hope
Beyond here on earth

Are we not wise men?
When we lay down our gift
Acknowledge our king
With our praise to lift

Are we not in the story
Our of Christ to behold
In His love that’s woven
Of our life to be told

6 thoughts on “Are We Not”

  1. For God there is no time – Today is Now, yesterday is Now, tomorrow is Now – so yes Daryl, you are spot-on.
    May you and your loved ones be abundantly blessed this Christmas, when He reminds of His all-present advent!

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  2. Thank for sharing with us our Lord Jesus Christ in your grace-filled poems, Daryl. It is like celebrating Christmas every day with Jesus truly coming in every poem you share us. May I borrow this beautiful thoughts for my Christmas prayer? Thank you and a blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones, Daryl.

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