Prayer of the Tender

Awaken to dawning
Of light turned down low
Gentle the colors
Of this new days glow

A gifting of silence
To soul to bestow
An invitation
Of seed here to grow

A prayer of the tender
One nice and slow
In dwelling of being
Of me letting go

Attune to the Spirit
Of voice, come to know
To center on You
And Your love to show

5 thoughts on “Prayer of the Tender”

  1. Hello DarylMadden,

    My name is John. I am a Christian. I do admire your consistency. What keeps you motivated to make posts frequently. Do you reside in the United States? I’d love to hear from you.

    Stay Blessed.

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    1. Hi John, I appreciate your comment and encouragement. Thank you. I have learned in my life, that just setting some time alone with God, and just being, letting go and letting Him love, is time well spent. This can be in a church or in nature. Sometimes a thought appears, and I just start writing and everything flows from there. Over the years, reading a quote or thought from a blog or listening to a podcast, will “trigger” the same kind of thought. Some that just sticks with me. I like to think that it’s not me writing but the Spirit flowing through and because I am not a writer, my poems are not perfect but capture the moment with God and I like to go back and reflect upon them.

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      1. I appreciate your answer. I think a lot of times we do not spend time with God and hence we do not readily receive from Him. I loved the fact that you still write and post despite it being imperfect. I am motivated. Thank you for your response.


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