Priority of Focus

To love and be loved
Is our greatest longing
Gods deepest desire
To fulfill our belonging

Let us make an effort
Priority great
Practice of focus
These words contemplate

In our free moments
Or dwelling of prayer
A pause in the sunrise
Right now and right here

You are my delight
I cherish, adore
Your precious to me
Let me love you some more


When it’s overwhelming
All I need to know
That Gods in control
Let it all go

When I am lonely
A thought to impart
That God loves me true
To dwell in my heart

When I have fallen
Forget these words never
For His great mercy
Endures forever

When all is hopeless
Prayer to contemplate
Our cross here to carry
And heaven awaits

Wounded So Deeply

Wounded so deeply
By evils cruel hand
How could this ever
Be part of Gods’ plan?

Perhaps the wrong question
For its my story
In the journey ahead
The response, up to me

A victim no longer
Take now control
The love of our God
Shines bright in my soul

Perhaps in this lifetime
Or in heaven, be
But someday I’ll know
Of His plan perfectly

Go and Tell

Go tell what you see and hear
The blind regain their sight
Lepers cleansed, the deaf hear
The lame now walk upright

And the dead are raised
The poor, good news received
All these are true of me
Now that I’ve believed

Sins have been wash cleaned
Now the soul sees clear
A purpose of the way
Heard within our prayer

So, let me share with you
In hope that you will see
Jesus is the Word
For all eternity

Streaming Light

Streaming light
Of golden ray’s
Fill this soul
With song of praise

To lift the heart
Submit the will
All desires
You fulfill

Soak and bask
Your warming love
Let Spirit dwell
Be of above

Glow within
This soul of mine
With joy and love
This day to shine

Every Soul Seen

Encounters ahead
Prepared this day
Bless me a thought
To hold onto this day

You love this soul
Completely, right through
Letting nothing stop
Me from loving them too

Each one beloved
Is precious to You
Crafted uniquely
In Your image, true

With gaze of the heart
Let’s practice here
Accepting as One
In a silent prayer

Beauty That We See

We just do not want
To merely see beauty
Though God knows even
That is enough bounty

We want something else
In words, can hardly be
In one to be united
With beauty that we see

To pass into it
In ourselves to receive
To bathe, become part of
In hope to us believe

Beauty of the drawing
Consuming of the Son
That of the unseen
Becoming of the One

We do not want merely to see beauty, though, God knows, even that is bounty enough. We want something else which can hardly be put into words — to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it. C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory

Comparing Light

The light that shines
Upon the sea
Of diamonds joy
Of such beauty

Or better still
On mountains peak
Brilliant colors
Of sunset seek

Reflection of
A hope of tear
A grace that saved
A soul of fear

All light is bright
Shone from above
You can’t compare
Same’s true of love

A Need of Desire

A need we desire
To be loved, so true
Great is Gods’ desire
To bless His love to you

Can we pause this day?
To let our purpose be
The binding of this love
Our first priority

A prayer of receiving
Or found in scriptures’ Word
A seed of nature’s beauty
In silence, whisper heard

To His will of releasing
Let us come to know
In giving love away
Allows His love to grow

A soul of loves Spirit
A light of such beauty
Mercy, peace and joy
Fruits for all to see

Before Our God

With a thread of faith
On knees to befall
Mask of removing
Before our God of all

Where nothing is hidden
As sins are disclosed
Seen as I am
Completely exposed

A gaze into soul
With Lord face to face
Love is outpoured
Encounter of grace

Joy overflowing
Our treasure of finding
Acceptance complete
Of intimate binding