Can I?

Can I admit it?
Declare that it’s true
You are my Lord
Dependent on You

Can I accept it?
All the way through
You love me completely
Accepting are You

Can I release it?
These fears I construe
And completely trust
Fully in You

Can I believe it?
This treasure undue
My sins forgiven
My Savior is You

Can I receive it?
And find my value
My purpose of serving
In following You

Simple the answers
But I struggle to do
Grateful for grace
In this journey with You

Moms’ Meals

Meals you prepared
All for your family
Love that you shared

Driving and shopping
Table of setting
Cleaning the dishes
No complaining or fretting

Now that I’m older
Reflection to see
Little help that I offered
And I feel so guilty

I wish I could thank you
Shown how much I care
In the time you were with us
But your no longer here

In a whisper of prayer
I begin to see
A mother forever
You’re still teaching me

Love must be spoken
In our words, that is true
And shared in a lifetime
Of acts that we do

My child beloved
I did it because
It’s the joy in my calling
Because that’s what love does

Taking Time

Moment to be thankful
For yesterday
For laughter and joy
We shared in the way

Taking time to be grateful
For the souls blessed to me
A facet of beauty
Shining the light of Thee

A life to feel blessed
Through the grace, You endow
Showered in love
In the past and right now

A prayer to be hopeful
Of what is to be
In joy and sorrow
For You are with me

Gift of God With Us

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Gift of God with us
Word of the repeating
When in need of trust

When things don’t go my way
And I complain and fuss
Turn unto the cross
And know that God’s with us

When sin overwhelms
I stumble and I fell
In need of mercy great
Turn to Emmanuel

When grace this soul receives
May this joyful heart tell
The goodness of our God
Our great Emmanuel

Come to Know

Come to rest
Upon My chest
And know my child
That you are blessed

Come draw you near
Of heart to share
A joining in
A binding prayer

Come let me show
That you will know
Oh, just how I
Adore you so

Come share with me
All souls you see
My love to bind
In unity

A Candles Way

A shining light
A simple flame
A silent song
Of joy proclaim

Upon an altar
Humbly bare
Proclaiming news
That You are here

Of love to shine
Of Presence known
Of heavens way
Let it be shown

For cold hard wax
The Lord ignites
A melting flame
Of purpose bright

To raise up high
For all to see
This candles way
Let it be me


Emmanuel, Emmanuel
How lovely is thy name
Our hope for all eternity
Which all souls can lay claim

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
How sweet the sound that brings
God with us, God with us
To us means everything

Jesus, Jesus, one who saves
Us from all our sin
When accepting You
Our new life to begin

Jesus, Jesus, God with us
Glory be thy name
From valley low and mountain high
Your name to proclaim

Wisdom of the Dawning

Let us pray and ponder
Within horizons view
The Wisdom of our God
How each day starts anew

Whether sun is shining
Or dark clouds appear
I want you to know
My light is shining clear

See upon grass laying
On each blade it does fall
Upon all of creation
Love freely blessed to all

Know within my seeking
Nothing to earn or do
A gift of the receiving
The response is up to you

Horizon Comes

Awake into to the morning
Of masterpiece to see
The glory of the new day
Of which God blesses me

An offering of prayer
Of drifting now to see
To go into the dawning
A moving here of me

A whisper of the Spirit
Just to let it be
Peace of the receiving
Washing over me

Our God is the seeker
For all eternity
For known within this calling
Horizon comes to me